Can I Buy IT Cheaper: IT Solutions and Services

Can I Buy IT Cheaper is a division under the WTC plc that is specially designed to deliver the products from the leading IT manufacturers from all around the world to our loyal clients. You can purchase computer components that you like at cost effective rate from CIBIC. Buy computer components of your choice that will fit your demand perfectly. We have IT products from over 3 thousand IT manufacturers from around the world so that you don’t need to worry about not getting a particular product that you want.

The main goal of Can I Buy IT Cheaper is to our loyal customers’ access to the UK’s largest B2B ONLY portal so that our customers can obtain the IT products and services that they desire.

The benefits if you choose CIBIC (Can I Buy IT Cheaper) includes saving your time and money by consolidating all the goods and services that comes under IT in one place, fast access to over 3 thousand products from the foremost IT companies from around the world, 300000 individual product SKU’s and over 2900000 products from over 3000 IT vendors in stock ready for the next business day delivery for our loyal customers.

WTL has been at service for over 28 years now. In these 28 years it has provided seamless IT solutions and service to many big and small companies within the country. Major clients from various business sectors like manufacturing, distribution, finance, general and retail have worked with WTL.

WTL was first started in the year 1989 and since its inception it has now become one of the largest and most reliable IT solutions and services companies from around the world. We have helped our clients reach new heights in the business with the help of our technical expertise. Our large and loyal fan base is due to our dedication to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our main priority and we try hard to gain your trust through hard work and determination.

You can buy computer components of wide range from CIBIC. An outstanding partnership can only be achieved if the clients and the suppliers work together to obtain their common goal of success. Our objective is to become your number one choice when it comes to purchasing computer components. CIBIC offers its clients a comprehensive list of services and solutions by using top quality products from leading IT companies.


Why your Home and Office must install Back to Base Monitoring

Most of the people take their security of home and office lightly but this is not a right way. So you need to install alarm or monitoring system to insure the safety of your property and office. Normally people don’t think seriously about the security of their property until they face any kind of theft or damage in their property. And there is no use of saying that, I wish I should have adopt proper security measures like back to base monitoring because it is like crying over split milk. If you don’t have any security device on your place then your things and documents can be stolen easily. It becomes difficult to trace the criminals. That’s why it is mandatory to apply alarm monitoring system at your residence and office location so that you can easily identify the culprit and catch them red handed.

Applying restricted keys and lock system at your residence and work place will be the best step to fetch the layer of security. Much security providing organization is involved in lock servicing that is helpful in providing safety layer to your place. The alarming system in your house not only makes you alert but it also notify neighbours and passerby that something is fishy. Hence applying alarm monitoring system is necessary because it is very effective. In that system you can install CCTV surveillance that will monitor all the activity even in your absence. It means that you have a complete weapon to trace the guilty who wants to enter in your property to conduct stealing and property damaging activities.

There are many companies that is offering back to base monitoring system to cover security of your office area and residence but Davidcarr has something exceptional. We are deploying these security device and protection equipments from a very long time and our clients are very satisfied and happy with our services. We believe that security of your home and office is very important concern and we are here to eradicate all the negative aspect that damages the safety of your place.

One should understand the value of lock servicing and alarm monitoring system because you cannot imagine your residence and organization without any safety. Therefore we suggest you to apply modern techniques and devices that can assure the protection of your place and organization. Associate with the reputed security device and modern CCTV surveillance providers company such as Davidcarr and feel relax about the safety of your place.

Ski Mask City: One stop shop for Ski masks

Ski mask city is well known internationally as the no. 1 supplier of Ski masks. The ski masks produced in Ski Mask city is made from Neoprene. It is a type of synthetic rubber. Neoprene was first introduced in 1930’s. Since then, neoprene is widely used in many products all around the world, including ski masks.

The main reason for the success of neoprene is that it is very durable and a useful product. Being warm, waterproof and resistant to chemicals are only some of the features of neoprene. Because of these benefits, neoprene is added to products like wetsuits and protective clothing. Since its cost is lower than many similar products, neoprene is used in a variety of products worldwide.

We sell many ski masks like Balaclava ski masks, Beardski ski masks, full face ski masks, half face ski masks, novelty ski masks, T- Shirts and goggles. Beardski ski masks are one of our most popular items.

The ski masks we sell are very large and it covers a large area of your face. Ski masks are used in many sports involving snow as it protects the face from injury. In activities that require materials that are long lasting and durable, neoprene materials are useful.

Neoprene is also used in materials that are related to combat as it is fire and chemical resistant. In spite of its durability and long lasting capability, neoprene is available at a very low price.

Those people who live in cold regions, ski masks are extremely useful as they can be used in day of day activities in the winter. It is a perfect tool for people who need to stay outside in the cold for a long period of time.

Neoprene is chemical resistant so it is used by people whose work involves working with chemicals. Materials made from neoprene are used for both personal and industrial purposes.

Our ski masks are made from neoprene which is commonly used for the rubber around cell phones and to create the sleeves of your laptop. Due to its lightweight nature it is used in many products.

Our customers are protected from the cold wind and the harsh conditions while skiing with the help of masks made at Ski Mask City. We sell ski masks with beard which is a fashion statement in itself. With ski masks with beard, you can look coo while you ski.

Indy Wakeboard Towers: Quality and Trust

In the year 2005 an idea was born in the mind of Jim. He wanted to make Wakeboard towers that are affordable with good quality. These wakeboard towers should be affordable to all the families. These should be cost effective and at the same time they should be custom made for the boats of the families. When he told this idea of his to the boat shops, they laughed at him. All the boat shop owners told him that he will only be able to sell a few number of wakeboard towers. Years later right now Jim’s company Indy has grown its services in United States, Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

The Wakeboard towers that we sell at Indy are very stable. There are no problems of noise or creaking after they are installed. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our service. The closest competitors of Indy sell their products at a price of 3 times more. Tall people have a problem with ducking while staying in their boat with other wakeboard towers but we provide an over the top Bimini so that no tall people duck while they stay on their boats. Indy sells various types of Wakeboard towers and Wakeboard accessories you see in the market these days in affordable prices. These products are made under by the team of Indy in the year 2005. Countries like USA and China registered the IP design patents for these products.

The Wakeboard towers that we sell are easy to install and fold. All the wakeboard towers of Indy are anodized for protection from rust and chemicals. We sell Liquid Pro towers which come with a superior anodized protection. We also sell Pro Side Bars – Pair which comes with style and strength matched by none. You should install Pro Side bars if the deck of your boat is thin. Indy sells Pro Bimini which comes with support arms which are adjustable and can be installed at the front end and the rear end. We sell Bimini top mirror which comes with an adjustable convex mirror. Our Wakeboard Towers speakers are made with clear sound and quality components which gives you the best sound. Wakeboard power speakers anodized or power coated black for superior protection. Our wakeboard racks are anodized for superior protection. Wakeboard racks don’t required polish after it is installed on your boat and it can be cleaned easily.

Xterious Escape – No. 1 Escape room in Las Vegas

If you are in Las Vegas and is looking for a place for total immersive entertainment, Xterious Escape is among the best in the business. We provide one of the best escape rooms in Las Vegas. The games we have in our place offers a challenge to our clients while promoting both communication and team building skills. If you have intuition, excellent brainpower and puzzle solving skills, you will totally enjoy the experience you will have in Xterious Escape.

The rooms we provide to our customers are carefully crafted to suit a family friendly environment. Our escape rooms in Las Vegas are built from the ground up so that our customers can immerse into a fantasy world.

Our ultimate objective is to provide an experience that is full of fun and excitement so that you can create new memories that will last for a long time. If you are in Las Vegas and you are looking for a place to host a party or any other corporate event in Las Vegas, we are here to help.

Xterious Escape is the only place in Las Vegas that can take in large groups and can offer two similar rooms for a level headed competition between the participants. Xterious Escape has 6 game rooms plus a beautiful lounge area for holding parties and corporate events in Las Vegas. Catering of food and drinks is our specialty. We also offer our clients T- shirts and souvenir.

Xterious Escape brings you the best gaming experience that took the European Entertainment business like a storm. We offer many games that will challenge your mind and really test your problem solving ability. If you are looking to have a blast in your bachelor party, look no further. Our escape rooms provide your friends in bachelor or bachelorette party to have great fun and a unique experience. If you want some personalized arrangements, just ask us and we will handle it. We will make sure you and your friends will have an unforgettable experience in your bachelor or bachelorette party. If you are looking to have a fun time with your co-workers, Xterious Escape offers a unique way to build your team chemistry. You do not want to have a dull and uninteresting atmosphere with your co-workers. With Xterious Escape, you will have fun while developing your communication skill with your co-workers

Evolve Design Solutions: Product design and consulting firm

Evolve is a product and industrial design firm located in Ottawa. We have expertise in the plastic department and manufacturing products according to the demand of the clients. Evolve offers a world class product development service and we strive hard to create innovative and successful products which help our clients becoming leaders in the global market. For over 30 years we have been producing successful designs and products for our customers. We have a mix of creativity, experience and expertise in our team. Our man motto is to listen, collaborate and create.

Our industrial design firm has a different approach to the product development process. To create great and innovative products, the customers and the suppliers have to form a formidable partnership. This is the only key in creating successful products. Our product design firm in Ottawa works on this principle. We have over 25 years of experience in the project management department with small and big companies. We have a proven methodology that works wonders in market. We have the right research tools that help us to get the right information about the products. Our project design firm in Ottawa offers industrial design services like appearance and design language development, form study mock ups and models, color and form studies and project graphics. We offer mechanical design services like Physical and mechanical design intent prototyping, mechanical component sourcing and reverse engineering.

Our in depth knowledge about products is what makes us the best in the product engineering department. Our product engineering services include 3D CAD Solid surface modeling, 2D CAD control drawings and documentation, structural FDA thermal and CFD analysis, regulatory compliance, EMI and ESD solutions, performance, environment, quality and safety compliance.

To design a successful plastic product requires expertise in material selection, cost evaluation, process selection and prototyping. We offer plastic engineering services like Inject molded part and engineering development, materials and processes review selection, mold filling warping and cooling analysis, Impact and cyclic non linear Finite Element Analysis and tool design and build assistance review and supervision.

One of the most important processes in the material design development is prototyping. A visual model of any material is very useful in evaluating the faults of the product. Evolve offers prototyping services like Mock ups, volumetric, visuals and functional models, metal forming and fabrication, plastic and metal CNC machining and small volume production runs.

Everything you need to easily build scanning capabilities into your mobile applications

The Android OCR is ready to be used in Android projects right away! We offer dedicated support, free updates during the license runtime and continuous improvements. We are actively developing and releasing new features for the Android OCR.

Optical Character Recognition has been enabled scanned documents to become more than just image files, turning into fully searchable documents with text content that is recognized by computers. OCR usage, decreases the peoples work of manually retype important documents again ,when entering them into electronic databases. Instead, OCR extracts relevant information and enters it automatically. The result is accurate, efficient information processing in less time.

The uses of Optical Character Recognition vary across different fields. OCR application mostly used in banking, where OCR is used to process checks without human involvement. A check can be inserted into a machine, the writing on it is scanned instantly, and the correct amount of money is transferred. It’s mostly helpful perfectly for printed checks, and is very accurate for handwritten checks, though it occasionally requires manual confirmation. Overall, this reduces wait times in many banks.


Traffic & transportation industry

Container number identification

License plate recognition system

Automatic recording of the text written on the vehicle surface

Industrial inspection

Document imaging

Features of OCR

Capability:Robust across different font types, sizes, symbols Ability to segment and recognize characters, words, text lines, paragraphs and full pages Ability to split and recognize glued characters, as well as to glue and recognize broken characters Hi-performance OCR engine, with pre-processing and de-skewing and normalization techniques.

Speed: 200 to 600 Characters Per Second (CPS)is readily achievable depending on the CPU speed.

Accuracy: 100% accuracy is achievable when the print and image quality is good. With drop in image quality, the accuracy drops gracefully, and can be better than or close to what human beings can read.

Input: Gray scale or bi-tonal images with a 200 DPI or greater resolution can be used as input. Custom solutions have been built around OCR on videos, integrating frames with varying text resolution (and motion blur).

Output: The output includes ASCII or UNICODE character strings, and confidence values (for decision/data fusion). We have also combined character level output to interpret word or higher level data.

Platform: The OCR Engine supports Linux and Windows based platforms. Custom embedded platform implementations have also been made, optimized for memory and run-time.