Top 5 Reasons Restricted Locks Protect You Better

To insure the security of your office and house most of the people believe in high tech security equipments which includes camera system, CCTV surveillance, Electronic access control, restricted Locks and burglar alarms. If we use normal locks then it will only protect your door and we know that it becomes very easy for any thief, intruder and burglar to break the lock. So there is a need of using high security restricted lock that protect your place and prevent intruder. Generally people feel that security locks are weak but applying high security locks is one of the appropriate methods to enhance the complicated security region. Here are top 5 reasons for installing and using high security or restricted locks.

Long lasting quality

These Restricted Locks are generally made up of brass and steel and they are manufactured with special security features. These locks cannot be broken by any burglar or intruder. It is essential to lock your doors that will ensure the right amount of security layer to your place.

Drill Resistance

High security lock are manufactured for drill resistance as we have seen that opening any lock is easy by creating cut off line between outer housing and inner cylinder. This can be easily done with most of the locks by using a drill a hole at the top of the cylinder. Lock repair and manufacturers insure to deign high security locks which are free from the risk of drill attack.

Patented Key Control

High security locks are equipped with restricted key mechanism and these keys are patented and it can be manufactured and duplicated by authenticated locksmith manufacturers. Moreover these keys are installed with the feature of using signature verification which protects it from being duplicated by any unauthorised user. If you handover your keys to anyone like drover, maid , servant and housekeeper then you cannot be sure that they will not misuse it or make duplicate keys but using high security keys prevent you from this situation.

Pick Resistance

Normal locks can be easily picked as you have seen in many TV demonstrations. These lock pics are accessible on the internet easily. But using high security have many pick resistance features that restrict a anyone from picking the lock.

High resistance to physical attack

High Security Lock equipped with the features of reinforced plates and interlocking deadbolt. These security features are mandatory to deliver tight security management system in your house. There are many lock repair and restricted lock manufacturing companies are making the security system more secure and technically robust to insure the home and office security.


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