Awesome Beardski Ski Mask

Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding down the slopes, tearing over the country on your Chopper, or just only prospecting for gold up in the frigid mountains, keep your head protected from the cold and look extra tough doing it when you don one of these cool new ski mask beard. This insulated ski mask beard will instantly transform you into a real man ready for the harshest of cold-weather conditions. It features a waterproof Neoprene lining, woven thermal fleece, and a stylish 12″ synthetic beard and is designed to be one size fits all. It comes in various colored beards depending on your personal taste in grizzly grooming.

If desperation has truly set in, the balaclava ski mask is available.

Love to balaclava ski mask? And wish you had a beard? Well, you might be the just the demographic the Ski Mask is targeting. This winter accessory protects you from that harsh winter elements—while also making you look fit for the mountains.

Facts about Beard Ski Mask:

Ski goggles not included

Protects your ears, neck and face from the cold

Beardski attaches easily around your neck with Velcro

Hand wash only

Made of non-flammable materials


Fabric with mesh over the mouth to stop cold air

One size fits all

A balaclava is a very popular garment during winter, on winter sports vacations and as an attribute for a great number of sports. You can wear a balaclava in multiple ways, depending on the part of the face you want to be protected.

Perhaps you didn’t realise that balaclavas have a very interesting history. As a matter of fact they were invented in the nineteenth century and used for the first time during the Crimean War!


A balaclava covers all of your head (except for the eyes), but you can wear it also like a cap, a scarf or you can protect only part of your face with this practical item. Although balaclavas were originally knitted from wool, a modern balaclava can consist of all kinds of material. This type of mask is also known as a ski or snowboard mask.


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