Incredible Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Indy wakeboard tower speakers bring incredible high-end performance for a very affordable price. For optimal sound quality and clarity, we have selected only the most respected and trusted speaker manufacturer brand names like JL Audio, Polk Audio and Fusion. We design and manufacture by using quality materials clamp and hardware, such as 6061-T6 premium aircraft aluminium with a very beautifully smooth and hand polished finish. All our wakeboard tower speakers are prewired internally with no exposed outer terminals for a simpler and cleaner looking installation. If you’re shopping for an incredible sound quality and a great price, ours is an incredible value.

When adding tower speakers you will need an Amplifier from our Marine Audio section and some wiring which we can supply. Please call for advice if you need it; we’re always happy to help. We can also install and tune your system for you if required.

Wakeboard Towers Racks

Wakeboard tower racks are engineered to give your boards a safe and secure spot in the boat – resulting in more room for friends and fewer cases of stubbed toes. Scroll down to view our variety of rack options.

Wakeboard Tower Racks – Protect and Store your Boards

In addition to looking great on your tower, our Wakeboard tower racks are strong, lightweight, and have options for universal inserts to ensure a perfect fit regardless of the tower size.

Only Inboards carries a great deal of wakeboard tower racks including wakeboard racks. Owning a wakeboard rack we are definitely has its advantages; one of them is being able to make more room on your boat. Wakeboard racks for boats hold your wake boards so that they aren’t sitting on the floor waiting for someone to step on it. Your friends and family will appreciate it just as much as you and will eliminate any toe stubs. The wakeboard racks are strong and will also protect your wakeboard towers. Wakeboard racks also will fit a tower of any size.

Have any questions about which wakeboard tower rack works best for you? Give us a call and our specialists will be happy to help!


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