Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival Gives Wings to Short Films

These days, most of the people are admirers of the film making. Because, recently it is not only a simple medium for fun, it is the solid medium to earn money and get immense prominence in all over the world. It can give you a new identity and enhance your personality. Film making is a profession like other profession and hence many people choose it to do some creative and show and spread their talent in every corner of the world.

Previously, only big movies earn reputation, but recently many short films grab the attraction of viewers. Hence, Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival comes with a new idea in which new short filmmakers submit their films and they can find huge popularity. Creativity is always lovable and admirable for everyone, especially who understands the art of film making.

Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival starts a community for all new filmmakers where they provide various kinds of tips, tricks and hints to all newbie film makers. Here, film makers can learn new concepts and also get some innovative ideas from the community members.

The community is only the way where all filmmakers come together and share their good and worse experiences which are very helpful for new learners. The millthorpempf creates this platform only to make great connections of film makers. These connections are really very beneficial, because if an individual going to start a new film and needs support of skilled person, so with the help of this community he or she can do the job appropriately and make a perfect film.

To enter into this community or to submit your short film, you should fill the registration form and carefully read all, the term and conditions, rules and regulations, it will be helpful to go ahead and submit the short film.

The millthorpempf also fixed the criteria for the short film in which three sections Junior Division, Senior Division, Open Division. The junior division for 5 minutes film maximum. The senior division for 10 minutes film maximum and open division for 15 minutes film maximum. So, if the film maker’s film fits in these criteria, so registered on the site and submit the film.


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