Get the best last minute deals with us! Here you will find the most popular last minute flight prices. Book your last minute holiday deal today and save money on last minute cheap travel packages. With these cheap prices, services and numerous choices you are guaranteed a fantastic late holiday deal.


When you book air travel with us you have access to last minute flight prices across the globe. Over the years we have worked very hard to forge solid relationships with airlines, allowing us to deliver the best fares direct to you. Teaming fantastic last minute flight deals with our programme, travellers can earn most benefits instantly! As well as this, when last minute flight deals are combined with more flights, significant savings are to be had – meaning that you have MORE money to spend on the fun stuff to your life.

An inside look at why a last minute flight prices can be so cheap

Ever wondered why that last minute flight was so cheap? Wonder no more.

When airlines plan out flights for a given season, they plan the pricing for their flights on a sliding scale with different fares depending on when a person makes a booking.

In most cases, the price for a flight will start to increase as the day of the flight approaches and the plane runs out of available seats. Cheap flights are often finding themselves with very few under booked flights with just a few days left before take-off.

In these cases, they offer considerable discounts on last minute airfares for travelers looking to take a last minute holiday and who are happy to sit through some nail-biting moments in the process.

Word to the wise, securing a last-minute bargain is much easier if you are flexible with your departure and return dates, and if you aren’t fussy about which airline you fly with. There are no guarantees that prices will fall in the weeks leading up to a flight – but when they do, it’s definitely worth it.


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