Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival is round the corner to showcase filmmaking skills

In simpler terms, Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival (also known as MMPF) is a non-commercial organization that is incorporated in for the primitive reason of rendering a competent world-class film festival that enthralls and engrosses the participants and the local society. This festival will give due weight in fostering and facilitating creativity, innovation, and professionalism.

The millthorpempf comprises of a range of categories.

The primary school age of participants is allowed to participate in this category named “The Junior Division”.

The high school age participants are allowed to participate in the category named “The Senior Division”

“The Open Division” is kept as a category to target college going students, professionals, adults, etc.

There are certain guidelines that every participant need to conform with.

The application forms have to be fully completed in true faith thereby revealing the contact details for further follow-up.

The work of the participant must be unique and original. No copied material is valid.

The deadlines for submission closes down in December 2017 before which all the participants have to submit in order to consider their film as an entry.

All submissions can be used as a source of public advertising by the Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival.

The millthorpempf is truly a huge platform for those filmmakers who are trying their level best to gain recognition worldwide. Not only does the official website provide all the information about participation, but also renders insights and basics into short filmmaking.

Numerous links are provided on the website so as to enhance the conceptual knowledge about picture making. Editing and adding amazing effects is also carries unparallel importance in short filmmaking. The participants not only get a chance to explore various styles of filmmaking but are exposed to some of the famous experts indulged in the filmmaking industry.

The festival is a true inspiration for those looking out for a ray of hope in the field of filmmaking. Filmmaking is an art in which creativity knows no boundaries. The films or pictures can easily be shot with equipment from a camera or mobile phones which can be edited later on.


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