A best product to perfect usage with high quality

Trade Show Tower Displays are mostly a part of the Resort Fabric Exhibit family with aluminum frames for Silicone-Edge Graphics. These are available in either three Sided or four Sided. Four Sided Trade Show Tower is available in an LED Backlit version also. For BACKLIT option, the graphics are well printed using the UV cured processed and inks are vibrant while blacks remain dark, even when lit. Custom-made on the premises, Trade Show Tower Display come in various sizes. Trade Show Tower Displays accept four individual custom fabric graphics by excluding top and bottom. Insert graphics after frame is constructed by tilting it on its side. Across, push corners of graphic into the frame’s recessed groove. Then, starting midway on the frame going toward the corners, continue pushing in the straight edges of the graphic. Repeat three times.

Our Trade Show Counters are Portable Podiums are Ideal for Traveling and Easy to Setup & Take Downtrade show counters with airbornvisuals. Freestanding fabric structures formed into towers with full printed color fabric graphics.

What makes our trade show counters different from standard folding tables and floor-standing fixtures?

Our portable podiums are meant specifically for implementation during conventions & are designed for the traveling associated with such events. The trade show counters are sold in a wide variety of sizes & can be used in groups or as individual display accessories. The exhibits counters are more portable than standard tables & provide more flexibility when it comes to designing a presentation. Trade show counters are also well known as display counters, which can be the focal point within an exhibition or as mere platforms to complement an exhibit.

Our best trade show counters can also be used to share literature, while keeping a visitor’s attention towards the items & services being presented.

Maximize the return on your marketing investment with a “High Impact” trade show tower display and custom-printed graphics. Airbornvisuals are your one-stop shop for all your face to face marketing needs, offering high quality exhibits, pop ups, tabletop exhibits, banner stands and graphics. Call now to speak to our experts!


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