seismic retrofit los angeles

We have all seen the many disasters that occur because of earthquakes, such as the 6.6-magnitude quake in central Norcia, Italy, which killed nearly 300 people (BBC, 2016). Earthquakes are a hugely powerful natural force. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, it can make you feel somewhat helpless to the rage of Mother Nature.

Most buildings are constructed with softstories. Softstory buildings are dubbed so as one of their floors are much less rigid than those above them. These can be spaces such as an open-spaced car parking lot that is inadequately reinforced. This makes them less able to withstand earthquake damage. These soft stories are unable to withstand the lateral movements that earthquakes impose. It’s a terrifying thought. Once the softstory goes, the rest of the building collapses down on top of it like vertical dominoes. Worse yet, many buildings in high population areas have softstories. The California Institute of Technology estimated that out of 20,000 soft story buildings in Los Angeles, just 800 of them had been protected against earthquakes (Jessup and Tokumatsu, 2011). Many buildings across the world are at risk, along with occupants’ lives.

What can be done? How can lives and buildings be protected? Softstory retrofitting is a process devised by structural engineers to help address this problem. By filling in the vacant softstory space and offering greater support, the building is more able to withstand earthquake-induced movement. Many buildings, in fact, do not even have lateral support, or theyare very weak. By strengthening the lateral support, buildings and people can be protected. This idea to update soft story buildings is supported and promoted by many organizations. For Earthquake-prone areas in the US like Los Angeles, there are government schemes in place. The Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit program is a mandatory scheme to building owners to strengthen soft stories of vulnerable buildings. Buildings affected will have two or more stories made of wooden frames, be built before 1978, or have open space in the ground floor. Owners should consult an architect, engineer, and a contractor and complete the work within seven years from the date of an Order to Retrofit issued by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS).

The softstory retrofit cost can be very pricey, sometimes to more than $100,000 (Selna, 2008).This projected cost in the current economic climate is an impossible target to many building owners. However, financing options are available for building owners, including: passing on 50% of the costs to tenants through capped rent increases, and the division of the softstory retrofit cost between units.

There is a 99% probability of a 6.7-magnitude earthquake or above occurring in California within the next thirty years. Soft story retrofitting must take place quickly and on a huge scale, or earthquake-prone areas across the world like California are in severedanger. Without the adequate changes, so a game of Russian Roulette with Mother Nature begins.


How Beekeeping Equipment Beneficial

There are several reasons why in the practice of beekeeping it is vital to have new beekeeping equipment at one’s disposal. However, there are most likely twice as several reasons why used beekeeping equipment is more famous especially among the beekeepers that have used for quite a while. According to them, the old broom aware all the corners’ and they have insisted on utilizing the used beekeeping tools. It might seem rather imprudent to go for used beekeeping equipment, but the truth is that they are really beneficial.

One purpose why the used beekeeping equipment is much better than the brand new tool is because of the costing. Most used tool tends to go for fewer prices and on several moments, this equipment even moves for half the price. This does not signify that it is a small less effective or anything, but it only means that this utilized beekeeping equipment has seen its share of days, but can still live to act effectively if utilized appropriately. Going for this tool will help a potential beekeeper to keep a lot of money.

Bienenwachs is also very important product produced by honey bees. It is very useful product and many people use to make candles which are very useful in our daily lives. It is a waxy material made by glands on the stomach of the bee. The bees first gather floral sugars from the trees. They then change the nectars into honey and ultimately into wax. By consuming the honey, the bee will develop tiny scales of wax. It takes around 1,000 of these scales to build up one gram of wax. The bees require consuming eight pounds of honey to develop one pound of wax. The Bienenwachs actually begins out white, not yellow as we all consideration. The yellow color arrives from contact with the pollens that they gather and contact with the bees themselves.

The two main usages of beeswax are pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Together these two account for just about 60 to 70 percent of all the beeswax utilization. Most people consider of candles when you notice beeswax, but they only use 20 percent.

How to buy best remote control for your home

With the rapid advancement, the security and the control of one’s household gadgets has become indeed very easy and affordable. Gone are those days when one had to go to each room to turn the volume up of music system, to switch off/on the light or to adjust the temperature of air conditioner of the home. Now, you can simply use the single remote control that will give you the authority to control everything in your home from anywhere.

Today, different kinds of remote control systems are available in the market that will suit your convenience like infrared or IR remote technology, radio frequency or RF remote control technology, android based remote control, GSM based remote control, DTMF based remote control, Bluetooth remote control and many wireless communication systems. In mobile phones, commands are sent to control the electronic gadgets in home with the help of graphical user interface application on mobile transmitter.

There are many types of single channel remote control systems that you can use. Some such types are multi room audio, with the help of which you can listen to the audio playing in a single room in any corner of the home and can enjoy it. You can also control the volume and track with speaker. Similarly, there is also multi room video. Next comes lighting, that works as an energy saving formula. You can control more that one light at a time and it offers various features like all off, floor off, on/off, holiday ( it reduces energy consumption when people are outside the home and the home is less populated), dimmer and light path.

You can get many single channel remote control systems like CL-920 straight single track system, RL 300 roller shade system, CL 820 control panel wall mountable, CL-920 timer control module, RM 300 single channel remote control, RL 100 roller shade system and many more.

All in all, with the help of these latest single remote control systems, you can just sit back and relax without worrying about the security of your home, your belongings as well as of your loved ones. Moreover, it will also help to reduce the energy consumption that will further benefit you.

Best straight single curtain systems

Automatic roller shade systems and straight single curtain systems are making the lives of people very easy and comfortable. These systems are easily available, have numerous advantages, and are very easy to use.

The automatic roller shade systems will also protect your home when you are not at home. For this, you can set a sensor or a timer that will change the blindness of your window shades according to your settings and it will give the fake appearance that someone is there in the room. And therefore, no one will dare to enter your home. You can also change the blindness of your curtains by using your mobile phone, even if you are far away from the home. In addition, straight single curtain systems are best suited for drop ceilings and suspended tubing methods. Such curtains are mostly preferred in hospitals. It can be used by attaching ceiling clips to the suspended ceiling and sometimes can be attached directly.

You can buy these shade systems at At this online shopping website, you will get the highest quality, affordable price, simple installation and easy operation. It will assure you the safety of the product and provides 100% inspection when your order is shipped. To this website, you can pay by many ways like VISA, American Express, Discover, PayPal, company cheque, personal cheque, bank wire transfer and purchase orders.

Apart from automatic roller shade systems, you can here also get the accessories like single channel remote control, connectivity port and pin, handle controller, roman shade fabric and smartphone control device. Apart from these, you can also purchase cl-820 and cl-920 current tracks. In roller shades, you can buy RL-100, RL-200, RL-300 and RL-400. Roman shades are also available at this website that includes RM-200, RM-300, RM-400 and you can also buy the accessories of roman shades here.

Therefore, you can buy the best automatic roller shade systems and straight single curtain systems at where you can get also buy the best accessories for your device and the best assistance also and can make yourself feel more comfortable.

The sturdy trade show counters providing client satisfaction

An effective display helps the customer as well as the potential customer to browse the brand, its associated products, and services. A trade show counter meets even the stringent branding requirements by fabricating an eye-catching display. In order to attract visitors, there are numerous styles of displays ranging from pop-ups, graphic walls, etc. out of which trade show tower displays stand unique among all the rest.

The displays are tailored according to the clients’ specifications and requirements. Add-on accessories can also be paired up with the trade show counters. These art solutions render clear communication of the brand with the customers and visitors.

The trade show displays are the sure-shot solution for brand recognition and easier visibility at the lowest prices anywhere. A trade show counter is practically a necessity for every trade event since they serve as a base for consumer interaction. A trade show tower display is a hub of attention for a gathering of people at any place.

Splendid trade show counters make the brand stand out. The uniquely designed counters can also be paired up with a plethora of other products like a podium, collapsible products etc.

The eye-catching designs of the trade show counters include oval-shaped trade show tables that are apt for showcasing product information. With high durability and portability factor, these displays prove out to be a one-stop solution for client engagement.

The trade show tower displays help in the clients’ business to grow for a long-term. With easier and hassle-free installation techniques, the setup of such counters makes the job much easier.

Without compromising on the element of quality, the trade show displays are priced considerably low. In order to maintain a healthy and flourishing bond with the customers, the displays play an integral role.

The high-quality raw material is sourced from authentic vendors in order to craft the trade show tower displays. The money of the client is saved as the displays are available at guaranteed lowest cost.

The trade show booths stand out from the league of traditional methods of display due to the competitive edge provided to the clients and users.

Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival Gives Wings to Short Films

These days, most of the people are admirers of the film making. Because, recently it is not only a simple medium for fun, it is the solid medium to earn money and get immense prominence in all over the world. It can give you a new identity and enhance your personality. Film making is a profession like other profession and hence many people choose it to do some creative and show and spread their talent in every corner of the world.

Previously, only big movies earn reputation, but recently many short films grab the attraction of viewers. Hence, Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival comes with a new idea in which new short filmmakers submit their films and they can find huge popularity. Creativity is always lovable and admirable for everyone, especially who understands the art of film making.

Millthorpe Motion Picture Festival starts a community for all new filmmakers where they provide various kinds of tips, tricks and hints to all newbie film makers. Here, film makers can learn new concepts and also get some innovative ideas from the community members.

The community is only the way where all filmmakers come together and share their good and worse experiences which are very helpful for new learners. The millthorpempf creates this platform only to make great connections of film makers. These connections are really very beneficial, because if an individual going to start a new film and needs support of skilled person, so with the help of this community he or she can do the job appropriately and make a perfect film.

To enter into this community or to submit your short film, you should fill the registration form and carefully read all, the term and conditions, rules and regulations, it will be helpful to go ahead and submit the short film.

The millthorpempf also fixed the criteria for the short film in which three sections Junior Division, Senior Division, Open Division. The junior division for 5 minutes film maximum. The senior division for 10 minutes film maximum and open division for 15 minutes film maximum. So, if the film maker’s film fits in these criteria, so registered on the site and submit the film.

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