Some food preparation methods

Using a food preparation method is a right manner is the key for delicious food. There are ample of food preparation methods that you can not even imagine and are used by chefs of various restaurants and hotels across the world. Some popular methods used in daily life to make food are baking, roasting, grilling and steaming. In Baking method, cooking is done by using convention heating. In steaming, water is used and food is placed on the stand inside the plot and after that heat is applied. Grilling is a method in which food is placed on a grill tray to cook and is heated up. In method of Roasting, heat is applied directly to the food.

Cookbook, cooking oil, cooking weight and measures, cooker or stove, cuisine, cutting board, eating, flavor, food, food and cooking hygiene, food borne illness, food preservation, ingredients, international food terms, maillard reaction, oven, recioe, restaurant and staple food are some food preparation methods used in various places. Other than that, brining, cevihe, drying, fermentation, marinating, pickling, salting, seasoning, souring, sprouting and sugaring are also some methods. And the mechanical techniques used while preparing food are basting, cutting, chopping, dicing, grating, julienning, mincing, peeling, shaving, and kneading are also food preparation methods used.

As far as the strange food facts are concerned, you will be surprised to know that the Real orange juice that people buy from stores is completely artificial and 70% of olive oil sold in the name of olive oil is not pure. Some other such food facts are that soup had its origin in 6000 BC that was made from hippopotamus and sparrow meat. Another such fact is that ripe cranberries bounce like rubber balls and usually, an ear of corn has 16 rows. You will be surprised to know that apple fruit usually belongs to rose family like pears and plums.

Overall, these were some of the best and strange food facts with some amazing food preparation that might blow your mind because one can not even think that so many methods are used while preparing an appetizing dish.


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