Fashion world of men

Banded color shirts have been a staple of the masculine wardrobe since the rise of the standard office business suit during the early 20th century. Dress shirts communicate both the wearer’s personal style and where he is headed; which they are usually worn to the office, after-hours business functions, and special occasions. The terms banded color shirt to differentiate job types came about because workmen most preferred blue chambray shirts and businessmen made white shirts their color of choice whether worn with suits or under other articles of clothing.

Todays banded dress shirts come with a wide variety of colors, and neither white nor blue collars reflect anything but the wearer’s taste. While lighter or more subdued hues those are more typical for office wear, vibrant hues have become very popular for evening occasions, sometimes without an accompanying jacket. Designers have brought back the slim fit vest, which is another great clothing option for current modern world of man. Three-piece suits always deserve a great dress shirt.

A well-fitted dress shirt, designer or not, is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe for business and for pleasure. With a good fit, a man looks neater and often feels confident. Many professional stylists contend that a properly fitted and styled dress shirt elevates the suit and tie worn with it, making it look more expensive than it is. Just understand how to get a right fit for his body type and sense of style serves a man well whether he is on his way to the office or an evening on the town.

Buy Banded Color Shirts

For men who have a particular style in mind, the search lead to a selection of the desired on buy banded color shirts.


Men of every shape and taste can find trimmed dress shirts that fit them well. With the trimmed dress shirts, a man not only looks more stylish, he can also feel more comfortable. A trimmed dress shirt that does not bind, come untucked, or pull on the sleeves can come from an off-the-rack shop when a man chooses the fit that is right for him.


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