ECU – What is it?

Engine Control Unit is the ‘brain’ of the engine. Amongst other things it reads, understands and it makes decisions based on the accelerator pedal demand angle, engine temperature and oxygen content in the burnt exhaust gases. Dependent on this data, it will control the correct quantity of fuel to provide mix of fuel economy, performance and emission control.

Safer overtaking of ECU flashing services with us

We offer best services to custom tune to your vehicle, most vehicles are covered ranging from luxury high performance marques to everyday cars and also light commercial vehicles.

By customizing your vehicles ECU flashing we can set your car up to how it should have left the factory in the first place, our unique ECU flashing services process offers better economy, more power and more torque. It will transform your car by giving you a much more rewarding drive through our services.


Our fully trained technicians will upgrade the software on your vehicle using a very latest technology and our professional tuning partners ensure that your pride and joy performs to its true potential always.

Our work is fully refundable, should not be completely satisfied you with the transformation, we will put your car back to standard and not charge you a penny. So that , you really have nothing to lose here.

We only ever custom tuned maps that are tailored to your requirements.Our process will result in your vehicles power and torque to be increased by up to 40%.We are proudly saying that we always provides you better services.

Our service benefits you following:

Improved fuel economy

Increased torque

Increased horsepower

Smoother power delivery

Better throttle response

ECU Remapping services

The practice of remapping is to first read the ECU’s processor of a vehicle’s standard map and then to adjust various parameters within that map. As an example: fuel pressure, boost pressure (engines) and ignition advance. When carried out correctly, this process will successfully unlock engine performance.


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