Features of mrz reading ios

mrz reading ios is a one of the best software to read articles or news in iPad very easily. This software provides many features as if it has two view modes. In one mode, it shows all folders and feeds, and in another mode, it shows only folders and feeds with unread items. You can also have many choices to mark the items that you have read. Some of them are single items, all items, items older than a specific day, items below or above the current position, while scrolling and you can also pull up at table end to mark all feed items as read.

In mrz reading ios, you can also manage the feeds by many ways. Some of them are subscribe to feeds, rename feeds, delete or unsubscribe feeds, assign feeds to folders, open the feed homepage in one of your uninstalled browser and “subscription checker” to heck if the URL of feeds is still up to date. With this, you can also open your favorite articles in any browser by using “send tab” option. Other than these, you will also get four themes in it and can also create your own theme by using “theme editor”. And if you receive some themes, you can install it directly from Mail app of this reader. Here, the articles tables can also be listed chronologically, in changed chronological order, in customized way like thumbnail size, multilane titles and many others.

Optical Character Recognition technology is mainly used in libraries where they are in need to preserve their holdings. This technology is also used to process checks and credit card slips and to sort the mail. It goes to the credit of OCR technology only that millions of magazines are sorted everyday that ultimately results in fast delivery of magazines, mails and many other things. With this technology, you can also do things that you could not do before after your printed page is in machine readable text form. One of the most commonly used Optical Character Recognition technologies in data processing is ASCII.


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