Trained and certified locksmith technicians are prepared to repair the locks on your home or business when you need it. Whether your door will not open, your lock is unable to remain fastened or your lock has simply stopped functioning, here we can help you always.

We offer comprehensive lock repair services. Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology, our highly professional technicians can fix door locks ranging from deadbolts and digital locks to mortise locks and traditional locks. We are prepared to repair your lock and save you the cost of a full lock replacement.

We also undertake the servicing and restoration of old locks to help you keep the character of your home.

We are specializes in lock repairs, picking, installations, and reprogramming in the New Braunfels locks & locksmiths industry. We sincerely believe that locksmith is an art form that serves several benefits in a world where privacy is paramount and security breaches are common

We offer a complete service from attending site, removing the lock, restoring and returning to site to re-fit the lock.

How Restricted locks Work:

1. When you register for the restricted locks, we will have you fill out an authorization. Only those listed on this card will be allowed to get keys duplicated.

2. Once it has been filled, assign you your own personal and unique system number, this system number is unique to your key system and it will never be duplicated.

3. Using special cylinders that only our restricted locks fits, we will pin the locks to your special restricted key that can only be cut by us . These cylinders can also be set up on a master key system if you required it.

4. Also, if you need to order additional keys at any point after the locks have been keyed, just you send us a key request, we cut the keys from our records, log the new keys, and make a call you to come pick them up. Once in the shop we will check your ID to verify and you will be good to go.


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