Various facts about art of cooking

Food is an essential part of our lives. To remain healthy we should include healthy food in our diet like fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, whole grains, Beans and legumes and so on. There are many food preparation methods for cooking food like fermenting, pickling, soups vide, Liquid nitrogen chilling/ freezing, smoking and many more.

There are many methods through which we can save time by ensuring dishes that take a long time to make and served quickly yet still feel that they are freshly made.

We can divide food preparation methods into various groups. Because of their way of cooking and difference in types of heat used, these methods can be divided into two groups. There are many methods like Dry heat Cookery methods in which you need not to use water for cooking food. Baking, steaming, grilling and roasting are some of these methods. In these methods, food is left dry and they are cooked by applying heat to the food.

In Baking method, cooking is done by using convention heating. In steaming, water is used and food is placed on the stand inside the pot and after that heat is applied. Grilling is a method in which food is placed on a grill tray to cook and is heated up. In method of Roasting, heat is applied directly to the food. Apart from these, there are other methods like Moist Heat cookery methods, which include boiling, stewing, shallow frying, deep-frying, barbecuing and basting. In all these methods water or any liquid is used for cooking the food.

People can use all these methods by their art of cooking. These methods can be use by people in their homes as well as by professional cooks and chefs in restaurants and other food establishments.

Many methods used in the art of cooking prevent food borne diseases, which can take place when we eat them raw. By heating, the food can prevent many harmful bacteria from the food items and make them healthier for us.

To conclude, it can be said people who are interested in making dishes at their homes should go though above-mentioned facts about the art of cooking.


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