We’re The ‘Change Makers’ with the best Restaurant software

Now a days Restaurant is fiercely competitive. For this competition you must follow the latest technology of Restaurant Software.Are looking for a best Restaurant Software Dubai? Here is the Best pos system Dubai that fully responds to the needs of small to large restaurants.

The restaurant management software that helps you control the costs and increase profitability and performance.

With our brilliant features, Vermont Technologies is in lead position of Restaurant Software Dubai.We are providing best restaurant Pos software designed to optimize and streamline Back of restaurant operations, featuring online purchasing, real-time food & menu costing, POS sales integration and more!


The software product has been designed to work with card payment devices, barcode scanners, touch screen terminals, multiple printers and cash register drawers. This POS software supports most common functions such as opening of a customer order, intermediate closing of an order, adding new items to an existing order and final closing of the order.

All the Features Your Restaurant Needs!

• Touch Screen based Billing

• User defined Menu and Modifier with Today’s Special

• Tag each item with photo for easy identification

• Reorder, move table and move items

• Redirect all printing to nearby working printer

• Secure Void function control

• Tip accounting and Reservation system

• Graphical Layout of Restaurant floor

• Analysis reports with Graphs and Pivot

• Strict control on raw material supply and payment

• Physical Stock taking and Variance reporting

• Rate Contract / Price List for monthly supplies

Improved service and Reduced labor costs

Food Costing and Menu Engineering

• Pre-defined customer discount and happy hour pricing

• SMS integration to acknowledge customer’s purchase

Our restaurant software features were created to help optimize operations,restaurant inventory management and cut unnecessary costs. It was created for restaurants of all kinds and sizes, regardless of whether you’re a small local restaurant or a Michelin star restaurant which makes us Best position.

Our customers who already using Restaurant software saying that this is the Best pos system Dubai. So why late?? Start using them today and start saving time and money. Increase your business profits.


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