Fully charged and ready for when you have that “oh no” moment

For all of us who’ve experienced that sinking feeling as our phone battery edges toward the red zone when we’re nowhere near a working outlet, here is a welcome news.

Smartphone batteries are definitely NOT keeping up with all the things we do on our phones. In one morning, we’ve listened to an episode of Serial, checked the weather or scanned our social media accounts and used Waze to beat the commute, all before the work day even starts. If our phones could talk. Well, they probably wouldn’t, because they’d be so drained.

Sure, there are plenty of super convenient disposable phone chargers out there, but they’re only good when you have one with you. Thankfully, for the absentminded everywhere, there may be a well-designed disposable chargers coming to a convenience near you.

Useful disposable chargers

To be honest, the first thing disposable chargers are throw out chargers with rest of our garbage. How are these different? They’re not. While the exterior is made of cardboard and is biodegradable, the chargers are intended to be recycled at a convenience store that carries them rather than just tossed out.

Until chargers themselves are more easily disposable without harming the environment, this is a really clever backup plan when you’re in an emergency and your phone is on its last limb. We’re really hoping to see this design come to fruition. It would be great to know that in case of emergencies, we grab an extra charge-up in the same place that we grab our emergency beef.

Better option in emergency situation

The One and done disposable phone charger is made for those emergency situations when you are on the go and you can’t find a mobile charging station or don’t have the time to wait.

We take a look at the unconventional ways you can now charge your smartphone with. Some of these chargers use the hours you put into your gym work, and also various renewable energy resources to do the charging.

You can enjoy them while charging your smartphone with this!!


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