Trained and certified locksmith technicians are prepared to repair the locks on your home or business when you need it. Whether your door will not open, your lock is unable to remain fastened or your lock has simply stopped functioning, here we can help you always.

We offer comprehensive lock repair services. Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology, our highly professional technicians can fix door locks ranging from deadbolts and digital locks to mortise locks and traditional locks. We are prepared to repair your lock and save you the cost of a full lock replacement.

We also undertake the servicing and restoration of old locks to help you keep the character of your home.

We are specializes in lock repairs, picking, installations, and reprogramming in the New Braunfels locks & locksmiths industry. We sincerely believe that locksmith is an art form that serves several benefits in a world where privacy is paramount and security breaches are common

We offer a complete service from attending site, removing the lock, restoring and returning to site to re-fit the lock.

How Restricted locks Work:

1. When you register for the restricted locks, we will have you fill out an authorization. Only those listed on this card will be allowed to get keys duplicated.

2. Once it has been filled, assign you your own personal and unique system number, this system number is unique to your key system and it will never be duplicated.

3. Using special cylinders that only our restricted locks fits, we will pin the locks to your special restricted key that can only be cut by us . These cylinders can also be set up on a master key system if you required it.

4. Also, if you need to order additional keys at any point after the locks have been keyed, just you send us a key request, we cut the keys from our records, log the new keys, and make a call you to come pick them up. Once in the shop we will check your ID to verify and you will be good to go.


Wherever you go, go with our best taxi boat transfers

Boat Taxi Split is easy, fast and comfortable way to reach your final destination. Boat Taxi Split is at your disposal 24 hours a day! Take a Taxi boat transfers Split Bol from us and visit the best destinations.

With extensive knowledge of ours we can pick you up and drop you off at any pier throughout islands, at any time, giving you the opportunity to arrive exactly when you plan to.

Why not? Let us take the tension out of travel with our best transport services. You can be certain safe, joyful and peaceful journey with Split boat tours of our speedboats.

We believe in zero traffic, a guaranteed seat every time and absolutely no armpits in your face as standard. Travel uninterrupted anywhere every time. A best skipper and guide will be there to take care of everything, from your luggage to your comfort in our Taxi boat transfers Split Bol.

Excellent services can make your tour lifelong sweet memory

The service is there though and should be hugely attractive to visitors for wondering and amazing experience and a beautiful memory to your life of Split boat tours.

Choosing our Taxi boat transfers Split Bol directly to the desired destinations (Hvar, Brac, Vis …) will save you time and money. Travel time spent with the usual means of transport is about 3-4 h. Our Taxi Vehicle will wait for you on Split Airport and drive you to near Airport, from where our Taxi Boat starts.

We can also pick you up from marinas, some beach, private pier, villas, etc. Our goal is to make your memories unforgettable

Discover the beauties of Islands

We provide best experiences you can have in the Islands. Check out our great selection of one day tours from Split and fulfill your dreams with our best services.


Definitely the best thing to do while in Split, after you’ve seen it, is to spend a day visiting some of our amazing islands. Let us come and enjoy Split boat tours with your beloved ones.

How can you go for a split day tours

Split tours are tours in which you can do trips from split to islands or national parks. These trips can be day drips, adventurous which offers sea kayaking with cliff jumping and snorkeling, deep water solo climbing, rock climbing etc. and split walking tours, one penny split walking tours etc.

If you want to make a split day tour then you can go to many places like Trogir, which is one of the best places to visit from split. Other places where you can go for one day split you are like solin, which is famous for a major Roman settlement which is largest in Dalmatia.

Then you can also go for split day tours to the island of solta, supetar, island of Brac, hvar Town, krka, national Park etc. For a day trip these are really best places to visit. These are reasonably popular destination for holidays.

If you want to do a split private tour you can have your own private guide for a unique and memorable experience. They will help you to learn about food, wine and cuisine of country from the local people. They will guide you as long as you like. They will help you in many ways like they can arrange the pick-up from your hotel and will drop you at wherever you wish.

You can go for split private tours with help of these private guides and they will make you with an estimate of local cash, which is needed for the trip and expenses of other things like parking fees, food, beverages, fuel consumption, tickets for a national park or other sites, and any other cost that can arise on the spot. These guides will help you to know the cultural and natural heritage and other endless beauties of any particular place.

To conclude we can say that in order to do a split tours or split private tours you can heir own private guide in order to know the cultural and natural heritage and other beautiful sights of a place. They share their local knowledge with the visitor and show them the secrets of these places.

Best computer components to buy

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With these computer components and IT products in UK, you can satisfy yourself with a good quality computer and it s amazing result and can also build your own computer system according to your own requirements and choice.

ECU Flashing Now Available

ECU flashing now available from the Power consul!

ECU flashing service makes the best performance for your vehicle. Our ECU flashing service eliminates the need for the Power commander or piggy back fuel controllers, secondary fuel module, ignition module.

We are now able to map the ECU on your motorcycle directly without the need for piggy back gizmos.


When a manufacturer develops a new car they have to take into consideration all of the conditions it may be subjected to in all of the regions in which they intend to sell this model. This means instead of just optimizing ECU’s program or ‘map’ to deliver the best performance or the most fuel efficiency they have to make compromises to the map to take into account these potential differing the operating conditions.

These could include sub-standard fuels, extremes in temperature and altitude, differing emission laws and even the possibility that vehicle may not be serviced on a regular basis and accordance with the manufacturers recommended instructions.

ECU remapping service is taking a read from the ECU’s processing chip of the vehicles standard compromised map and adjusting the various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and vehicle control amongst others to release the true performance from the engine.

Our ECU remapping service is a completely safe process as it is just giving the engine the performance it should have in the first place before all the compromises were applied to the original programming. Every engine will have its own unique map and by adjusting this we can fine tune the characteristics of the engine, unleashing more power and in several cases reduce fuel consumption too.


Many see the modern crop engines as the future of road car’s chip tuning. These engines offer fantastic potential for reliable low cost tuning without removing any of the appeal of buying and powered vehicle, such as economy, reliability and longevity.

After your ECU remapping, you will enjoy our services:

Increased horsepower

Better throttle response

Increased torque

ECU Flashing Services

Power consoul Performance now offers ECU flashing services for the all models of vehicles. This service is only available to our local customers. Our ECU flashing service removes all the restrictions programmed into the ECU from the factory. These are greatly hinder the engines performance and throttle response. We will optimize both the ignition curve and the fuel curve which will unleash hidden horsepower from your engine.

This mod alone will all but eliminate the need for a Power Commander, TRE and ignition module. The following is a list of model years and additional options available for each and every model. Be aware you can pick and choose the options you want and don’t want programmed into your ECU.


Now a day’s all modern cars and vans on the road have an ECU (ENGINE CONTROL UNIT). This Engine Control Unit can almost be described as the vehicles ‘brain’ and contains a small processor that takes information from various sensors through the engine. Also it analyses information such as the engine temperature, accelerator pedal angle, oxygen content in the burnt exhaust gases as well as many more parameters.

With the information from these sensors it can then add the right quantity of fuel, at just the right time to provide a good mix of fuel economy, performance and emission control after pulling away, overtaking, pottering down the road or zooming down the motorway.


We have the most reputable and proven flashes available for your bike. With the countless podiums and hundreds of riders running our tunes, we have accumulated some of the best setups available. We provide assistance with fuel mapping as part of the flashing service as well as map smoothing, wide band sensor setup for your PCV or BAZZAZ units. Already have a PCV, we will provide ecu remapping service to work with the ECU.

We will work with you one on one to determine the very best setup for your bike that goes way beyond your ECU. We group together the best parts combinations and tuning ecu remapping service configurations for your bike. Modified slipper clutch settings and custom engine braking to suit your needs are available! Count on us to get your bike on the podium or in front of the pack!!

Husqvarna Battery Series

Husqvarna is one of the world’s leading brands in professional equipment for working in the forest, park and garden. These Husqvarna Battery Series are traditionally powered by two-stroke engines.

Now Husqvarna Battery Series has a complete range of battery-powered chainsaws, trimmers, hedge trimmers and blowers that meets professional demands on performance, runtime, ergonomics, durability and global economy. These machines are also much quieter, lighter and better for the environment than the two-stroke machines.

The new Husqvarna range of battery powered tools offers the residential user the high performance expected of all Husqvarna products. And ranges combined with the additional benefits of battery power are no leads, fumes or fuel issues.

The battery series is powered by the 36V Li-ion battery which is interchangeable between all the hands held machinery – lowering your overall cost.

These machines have zero emissions and offers reduced vibration, lower running costs, maintenance and noise.

All models are light weight, exceptional in balance, easy to use.


We have a wide range of protective clothing, spare parts and other accessories. All of these are original Husqvarna products, which mean that you get the best possible durability and protection. This allows you to keep on going, totally indifferent and with maximum efficiency in all situations.


Selling, servicing and providing parts for a wide range of outdoor power equipment, Chainsaws Cairns are your one stop shop in Cairns for everything here, Chainsaws, Brushcutters, Generators, Hedge Trimmers, Ride-on Mowers, Pressure Cleaners and loads more.

Every Chainsaws Cairns qualifies for free mainland delivery and has a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) carried out before it leaves our store.

Environmental considerations have also influenced the design of our products, to reduce noise and the risk of fire. Our actively encourages the planting and cultivation of trees through sponsorship of agro-forestry, community tree-planting programs, our engineers are constantly striving to produce safer and environment-friendly products.

We have good experience in the industry – so just call, email or reach us today to speak with our friendly staff for the best service and advice in Cairns.