Weddings at the Blakesgrill are a big deal, the great team here pride themselves on offering a very personalized service to ensure that your wedding day is accurately as you’ve always dreamed.

From your initial budget wedding castle hill through to the day of your wedding and finally until you say farewell to your guests, your personal Wedding Co-coordinator will assist you with every detail to ensure that one of the most important days of your entire life is indeed a truly memorable occasion.

We offer a wide range of packages to suit all budgets and unique styles

Blakesgrill only holds fine dining restaurant for marriages. They do not host weddings during the colder months. The advantages of hosting one wedding a day is that they allow you to set the time and there is no chance you will see another bride at your wedding.

Traditional style with a latest trend

One of the best traditional experience is here .It seems, for starters, the bride wore her grandmother’s dress; at the reception was a table with a cute framed photo of each bride that had worn the dress, with name and date under each, special detail! Of course you can’t go wrong with a classic tux (paired with lucky dice cufflinks).

A fine dining restaurant with tranquil views of gardens and cascading waterfalls, a product of inspiring influences of e Master Chefs. Here exotic is at the core of the cuisine. Indulge in a range of cuisines from Peking duck, signature butter chilly garlic prawns and Sichuan and Cantonese specialties crafted by Master Chef, who also delights with a show off hand pulled noodles a perfect fine dining restaurant. Of course, the entire experience is best closed with the Date Pancakes, Darsaan and varieties of Australian tea-both staggeringly delicious.

Wedding Cake sweet memory

The wedding cake alternated layers of red velvet and vanilla, covered in white a chocolate buttercream. The favorite baseball team is the Cubs, so cake was a cookie cake decorated with our logo, and photos of the bride and groom on trips to a memorable budget wedding castle hill surrounded it.


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