A Global Lebanese Restaurant which serves a vast range of cuisines!

A global Lebanese Restaurant, where the customer is at the heart of our restaurant business philosophy, with a real dedication delivering more than a unique Buffet Restaurant experience, but rather a unique dining adventure.

This beautiful Buffet Restaurant is brought to you by young entrepreneurs nearly 5 decades of combined hotel industry experience around the world from highly rated International star hotels. From the moment you enter the door, you are treated to a broad array of tempting exotic and classic mocktails, adventures in themselves.

The restaurant has a warm casual, cool atmosphere and the decor creates a comfortable and enjoyable dining environment and can be just perfect for that special occasion, intimate dining for two or for a family dinner.

Best Buffet Restaurant

These days when we don’t have much time to cook for dinner or even the mood at times. And there are those weekends when you certainly feel spoiled and look out for that break. Those are the days when dinning outside makes the soul relaxed and comforted. I love dinning out at restaurants, the best part of the day to enjoy a delicious meal giving to me would be the dinner time. You know at the end of the day all you need is a little pampering with some tasty food after the long tiring day. Homemakers would know how it would be wonderful for them to take a break from the regular kitchen routine. I love trying the buffets more often, as you get to try so many dishes at a time.

Being a food blogger I feel like I must definitely taste a lot of food so that I can know them, replicate them and blog them too. Sometimes it is this reason I choose to order something new I visit the restaurants. I am a person who’d always order same menu every time I visit any restaurant and my close ones know what to get me when we are dine out. But I’ve started to change this boring habit of mine. I wat to taste more, know more and blog more too and. In this post I will be sharing some of my favorites and some of the best Lebanese Restaurant experiences.


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