Domain Registration

Internet is a technology which is connecting the whole world in a single point .internet is now become a medium to show our Art, to reach out world ,and Small ,medium and large scale of businesses are also available in internet which reach out the whole world .all we need a web site register your web site and hosted in world wide web(www),

A web site is reached over internet through its URL .URL consist the IP address and the Domain name it is nothing but a Protocol identifier ,the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which is used to describe protocol for distributed of information through internet and Resource name the IP address where the Web page is hosted in world wide web(www).

A Web admin user can change the web host but the URL is constant and it cannot be will be same for all the visitor, there will be no change for the visitor if the host of the web site is change.

Domain registration

Domain registration is nothing but taking a place in world wide web (www) a particular IP web site and making the web site available around the globe and to reach the maximum visitor or customer .Domain name should be relevant to your purpose of webhosting .

There are No of domain name available over internet for registration of web site, category of the web page should be chosen according to the category to be each out to maximum no of visitor.Before Registering a web site to a particular domain, there are few parameters which should be analyzed .The Website admin user should choose a specific nom de domaine registrar, which should be authorized to an ICANN or national ccTLD accredited company . They should have authority to register domain names. For Example

.gov – is used for a Government organization web page

.edu – is used for an Educational institutions web page

.org – is used for an Organizations (nonprofit) web page

.com –is used for a commercial business web page

.net –is used for a Network organizations web page

.biz –is used for a business web page

Registration renewal

Web site nom de domaine registration should be renew before the registration validity expire, to make sure the URL is not registered by other user.


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