Security Measures

Restricted locks key system utilizes protected locks and keys cores to restrict access to your building, complex and stop unauthorized duplication. The special locks are only available to approved agents and details about who is authorized to have them duplicated are recorded by your locksmith GJ locks will not cut a duplicate key without a letter or order signed by one of the signatories for system. This gives complete peace of mind, knowing how many keys and locks are in circulation at any one time. An example of the benefits of a restricted lock system is property-letting agent. If all your properties are fitted with restricted locks then you have control. You therefore knew the property is secure for the next tenant that moves in and there is no need for the expense of changing the locks every time a tenant leaves.

Restricted Locks are designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys to be made. Created for added security, their keyway locks utilize a key that is controlled by a single locksmith so you can rest assured that sure lock and key is the only locksmith with access to keyway. There are many benefits of such locks. They build the cylinder with component parts manufactured by ABOS in Germany, they can alike many different locks in property combining residential doors with Garage doors and padlocks plus many other locks. This system can be extend to any time in future should you have an extension or additional padlocks or just wish to include the garage door at a later stage.

Whether you are at home or a way, Chubb is there a background, helping to protect what is most precious to you. It is only due to Back to Base Monitoring. When your alarm is armed and it is triggered their highly trained response team at the Chubb home monitoring centre will alert you within minutes of alarm being activated and respond by action.

Home security and Back to Base Monitoring may also help you to reduce your insurance premiums. Your insurer will see your home as being less risk of a break in and you are less at risk of making a claim.


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