What you must actually look forward for while resorting for Retail pos software

It is undoubtedly quite a daunting and a challenging task to select an appropriate POS for the business you own. The below mentioned guidelines and strategies shall help you to some extent for avoiding the most common mistakes and selecting the best possible Retail pos software Dubai for the business you own.

Things you need to consider the most

There are many questions that come in mind while selecting any Point of sale software Dubai regarding its user interface, unique features and its accessibility/user friendliness. Some of the features present in it includes:

• Touch screen

• Debit cash back support

• Electronic signature support

• Calculating and tracking up the exact sales tax

• Personalized invoices and receipts

• Personalized menu buttons

• Store credit packing

• In-house card gift

• Capacity to calculate spiffs and commissions

• Capacity to manage the customer tans and tips

• Capacity to support foreign currency

Features of Point of sale software Dubai regarding customer tracking

• Photograph storage capacity

• Capacity to print membership cards and other print outs

• Capacity of bulk emailing

• Capacity of printing mailing labels

• Capacity to print receivables statements and email accounts

• Capacity to create mailing lists and bulk emails

Security related features

A featured Retail pos software Dubai can assist you in avoiding loss and frauds from the side of the employees. The major futures that must be paid attention include:

• Tracking up the sales, returns and other invokes

• Secured logins after each sales

• Video surveillance

• Capacity to limit up the rights and accessibility of the employees


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