Knowing about litigation coding and OCR technology

OCR techniques relate to scanning massive amounts of legal documents that are saved in form of images so that they can be retrieved and edited later on. Passport OCR includes similar phenomenon in which the required information of the individual is scanned using an apt OCR tool. The passports of the immigrants that comprise of all the relevant information such as their names, addresses, passport numbers, DOB etc. is stored in the information systems for later reference.

Passport OCR works just like saving the documents in MS word in which each character can be easily edited by the user. The applications used in OCR generally read black and white dot pixels over the image thereby recognizing the correct numeric number, character or technique that shall help in encryption of the legal document.

Android OCR is also one such technique in which usage of android handsets is done instead of the handheld OCR devices. The mechanical translation of the printed text or the images into the machines in an editable form also encompasses digital image processing technology as well. Intelligent character recognition which is often abbreviated as OCR is the latest advancement that helps to convert the manually written numbers and texts into mechanical documents and readable strings. As a result, even those documents can be scanned and encrypted which are manually written and signed.

Legal coding basically refers to a procedure in which indexing or cataloging of documentation is executed so as for easy retrieval, reviewing and sorting. Locating of a specified fact while pursuing the legal research for plaintiff can be executed within no time. Android OCR is duly capable of recognizing the documentations that comprise of varying font styles and sizes. It can even reproduce formatted outputs which are somewhat similar to the original document that might comprise of textual components or imageries.

Some other methodologies apart from capturing OCR include in-text coding, bibliographical coding, subjective coding and more. Objective coding basically refers to creation of indexes of the object extracted from a particular document that might comprise of author, recipient, dates, title etc.


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