How do you choose a good seafood eatery in New York?

When you look for best bistro restaurant and are particularly looking to relish some yummy seafood, then you should first select the right restaurant. The best restaurant is usually one which is not very far and offers great quality food, amazing service and a warm and a great ambiance. It might also be the case that you have to eat out at several restaurants before you decide which place you simply love relishing tantalizing seafood. Ask your colleagues, family members and even friends for some good recommendations.

Never order in haste

A good and a reputed seafood restaurant will never rush its guests into ordering. For the bistro restaurant, you would obviously want that there is a wide spread of delicacies so you can choose which one to order without being limited for options. The server at a good seafood restaurant will have ample knowledge and will always be ready to help you or advise you when it comes to ordering a great dish. You can also enquire about the origin of any fish or seafood delicacy available on the menu.

You may want to know from where a particular fish has originated and also enquire how the restaurant has shipped it. For instance, it may be flash frozen and shipped across overnight or nit might be that it was locally caught fresh on the same day itself and cooked. This information lets you know how fresh the particular fish is. There are some restaurants that allow guests to choose their own lobster or crab from a tank and in this case, you would only be choosing one that looks most active.

What do you do if you can’t find tempting enough on the menu?

On some occasions, there are some dishes which may not be listed on the bistro restaurant`s menu owing to less space or there are daily specials which the server may have missed out on mentioning. Or sometimes, the daily special is written on a small blackboard which you may not have noticed.

Special requirements or allergies

If you or anyone accompanying you has certain allergies or is following a specific diet, then you should mention this to the server. Best bistro restaurant willingly accommodates personal meal requirements of their esteemed guests. For instance, you may want to order a baked potato alongside your fish dish and in such a case, you can always ask when the potatoes were baked or cooked.


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