Places to eat best Persian food in Australia

If you want to have best Persian food, you can go to Persian Basement, located in Burns Bay rd, Australia. At this place, you can have the best traditional dishes in a light filled room and that too with belly dances and banquets on weekends. There are so many services available for it customers in this restaurants like Friday and Saturday, Sunday buffet, a-la catre Menu, wedding and events, $12 lunch specials, wine cellar and catering. In wine cellar, you can enjoy much variety of wines like Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mixed Blend, Pinot Noir, Merlot, By the Glass, Chardonnay, sparkling, reisling, Semillion, and Rose.

Another best Persian restaurant is Darband restaurant. Here, you can have the unforgettable dinner with our friends and family members. The motto of this restaurant is “great service, highest quality and affordable prices.” The menu of this restaurant includes Joojeh, chicken marinated in lemon juice, Shashlik, lamb fillet marinated in onion and finished with lemon juice, Koobideh, lamb mince marinated in onion, Barg, lamb back strap marinated in onion, Sultani, combination of barg and Koobideh, Shahi, combination of Joojeh and Koobideh, Momtaz, combination of Barg and Joojeh, Draband special, combination of Barg, Joojeh and Koobideh, Baghali Polo,lamb shank with broad bean rice and dried dill, Ghormeh Sabji, lamb cooked with red kidney beans, herbs and dried limes and many more.

Another place for best Persian food is Anais Restaurant. It is a very popular hotspot for parties, hosted engagement parties, Christmas parties and Persian New Year events. Also, if you want to enjoy a great function and ant to book whole restaurant, you can book that also, that includes exclusive use of dining room, outdoor terrace and hookah lounge. Apart from these, it will also provide you use of high definition sound system, laser lights and smoke machine.

Another best Persian restaurant is Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant. Here, you will get so many mouth watering dishes that you will not be able to decide which one to eat and which one to leave. It includes kask-e-badenjian, mast o khiar, that is a mixture of yogurt and cucumber with touch of mint, and Lebanese bread, zereshk polo, which is a slow cooked chicken, noon o kabob, which is a skewer of grilled koosidih, shaahi kabob, which is a fit meat served with saffron rice, shishlik that is tinder grilled marinated lamb cutlets.


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