Best Persian restaurants in Australia

There is no dearth of best Persian food in Australia there are so many restaurants available that you will not be also to decide which one to go and which one is best. Still, here are some best Persian restaurants in Australia like Saffron Fine Persian Cuisine. At this restaurant, you can have the authentic Persian cuisine and it gives you a traditional hospitality. You can here enjoy huge variety of mouth watering appetizers, kababs, dishes and desserts. The dishes of this restaurant are mild in taste and are not too spicy. The dishes are made with mixture of herbs and spices.

Another place for best Persian food in Australia is Orchid Persian Restaurant. Is is located at Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, Australia. This restaurant has a cavernous place that is very well decorated with Persian carpets and serves delicious traditional mains as well as casseroles. Also, you can here taste Kask’O Bademjoon that has smoked eggplant, onion, garlic, turmeric and saffron dip topped with yogurt whey and mint. Another dish is Lgra, made of smoked eggplant, onion, red capsicum and a touch of chili. Then, you can have Dalmesh, which includes softened grape vine leaves, split peas, shallot, basil, parsley, rice and pomegranate.

Another Persian restaurant in Australia is Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant. Here, you will get so many mouth watering dishes that you will not be able to decide which one to eat and which one to leave. It includes kask-e-badenjian, mast o khiar, that is a mixture of yogurt and cucumber with touch of mint, and Lebanese bread, zereshk polo, which is a slow cooked chicken and many more.

The best Persian restaurant in Australia is Kings of Persia. It is located in Exchange road, Malaga, Australia. Here, you will get fantastic services and a good quality food and that too at a very affordable price. You will definitely love all the pickles and mouth watering appetizers of this place. And as far as the staff of this restaurant is concerned, it is very friendly to its customers. You will get the worth of your money after enjoying lunch or dinner o this restaurant. The food is always super fresh and is bought on time. So, with these restaurants, you can enjoy the best Persian food in Australia.


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