Places where you can go for lunch

There are some places that provide a good taste in its dishes and there are some places that provide a good environment to have dishes. But one is confused when it comes to any place that can offer both these qualities to its customers. One such good place to eat lunch is Rose’s Luxury. This restaurant in Washington will give you everything that you need to enjoy a good lunch with your loved ones. This restaurant serves dinner and drinks at night time. But as the size of this restaurant is small, it does not accept many reservations for tables. The seating plan here is based on first come first serve basis. Other than dining room, it also has a bar upstairs where you can enjoy your drinks.

Another best place to eat in Washington is Rasika West End where the menu of lunch includes cauliflower Bezule, Chili Fish Fingers Wada pao, Chicken 65, Assorted Pappadums, Chicken Kahi Roll, Tuna Chtneywala, Sea Bass Polichattu, Sammi Kabab, Scallop Honey Ginger, beetroot cashew nut tikki, Tawa Baingan, eggplant ginger chutney, tomato and golden raisin chutney, mango chutney and many more. Then in entrees, you can have chicken makhani, dhaba gosht, tandoori salmon, gobhi matter, vegetable istew and dal makhani. Finally in dessert, you can have sorbet or ice cream, gulab jamun wit ice cream, carrot halwa with cinnamon sabayon.

If you want to have more tasty dishes and a good place to eat lunch, you can choose Le Diplomate. This restaurant offers extensive menu where you can get many classic dishes like onion soup, gratinee, steak frites and escargots, oysters, clams, shrimp cocktail, lobster and many more dishes. When it comes to wine, here, you can taste thoughtfully curated wines with a cocktail program. With such delicious and mouth watering dishes, you will also get stylish room for your lunch.

So, by visiting these best places to eat in Washington, you can enjoy the quality time with your loved ones while having the very delicious, healthy and mouth watering dishes made by expert chefs and that too in a perfect and soothing environment.


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