Best methods to prepare the delicious food

Food preparation is preparing food for eating, that need selection, measurement and combination of ingredients in an organized procedure so that it can result in delicious food. There are so many methods to prepare food, that you might not know and with the knowledge of these methods, you can make delicious dishes at your own place. Restaurants in order to be the best of all the restaurants present in that area work in a way that will attract more and more customers.

They experiment with new food preparation methods. Some food preparation methods used in restaurants are boiling, blind baking (baking pastry before adding filling), blanching (plunging food in boiling water and then in cold running water), braising (combination cooking using both moist and dry heat), coddling (heating of food in water below boiling point), infusion (ordering tea without milk or sugar), pressure cooking, simmering foods (cooked in hot liquid below the boiling point but higher than poaching temperature), poaching (simmering food in liquid), steaming, double steaming, steeping (saturation of food), stewing (cooked in liquid and served in resultant gravy), vacuum flask cooking, broiling, frying, deep frying, grilling, hot salt frying, hot sand frying, pan frying, pressure frying, sauteing, stir frying, microwave oven, roasting, barbecuing, rotisserie, searing, and hot smoking.

Some chemical techniques used in food preparation methods are brining, cevihe, drying, fermentation, marinating, pickling, salting, seasoning, souring, sprouting and sugaring. Other than these, the mechanical techniques used while preparing food are basting, cutting, chopping, dicing, grating, julienning, mincing, peeling, shaving, kneading, milding, mixing, blending, and vacuum filling.

The essence of food preparation methods includes a chef, who is highly skilled and proficient in cooking. Another essence is cooking, that needs combinations of ingredients to improve the taste of food. In last, you need a cuisine that includes a specific set of cooking tradition and practices according to the culture of that location where the restaurant is situated. Some basic ingredients required for preparation of food are decorated bread leaves, olive oil, cereals, maize, ice, wheat, bread, noodles, cooking fats, butter, rice bran oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, buttermilk, cheese, cream, milk, yogurt, eggs, fruits, apples, cherries, pears, soy cheese, soy milk, tofu, meet, beef, poultry, beef, seasonings, sweeteners and vegetables.


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