Advantages of green architecture

As an American Institute architect says “Typically buildings are designed to meet building code requirements, whereas green building design challenges designers to go beyond the codes to improve overall building performance and minimize life cycle environmental impact and cost” green architecture is an architecture that minimizes harmful effects of urbanization by human beings. By green architecture we can safeguard environment because it involve material which does not have any bad impact on our natural environment as they are eco friendly and have minimal harm to the natural habitat.

Green architecture involves ventilation systems by which we can get efficient heating and cooling whenever we needed. By this we can also save water as it also have water saving plumbing fixtures. It is also planned to maximize the use of the older building vesting already. It is very useful as it involves the efficient use of space and making the maximum use of sunlight, winds and other natural resources.

You must have also heard about interior architecture which means design of any space within certain structural boundaries and human interacting within these given structural boundaries. This architecture is also a part of sustainable architecture of green architecture which does not have any import on environment and are eco – friendly. By this we can conserve resources through recycling a structure by adaptive redesign. It is basically a method of constructing of interiors of the buildings. And their related physical features.

Architects of interior architectures design these buildings by considering both functionality and appearance of a space. They are aware of how the interiors of various building suit the needs of the people and how to make changes according to the changing needs. Sustainable architecture has been growing very fast as with the use of technology and discovery of new materials has lead to the formation of beautiful aspects of the designs.

So, it can be said that green architecture are now mostly preferred and desired by people for construction of buildings which will be a ever expanding and growing field. It is very useful as it is eco – friendly and has minimal harm to the natural habitat.


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