Various food preparation methods

In the words of Elso Schiaparelli,” eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale.” Preparing food for eating requires measurement, selection and combinations of ingredients in an ordered procedure so as to achieve desired results. Tasty food appeals to our senses and preparing tasty food also requires one to gain knowledge about various food preparation methods. These methods include many cooking techniques making cooking an art.

People don’t only love eating tasty food but also want to learn various techniques to make tasty food. Food preparation methods are generally divided into two broad groups; dry heat cookery method and moist heat cookery method. There are also various healthy techniques of food preparation that take care of your health and nutritional content in your food. Dry heat cookery method as the name suggests does not require any liquid to cook. It generally requires heat to cook the item and the product is primarily heated in its own juices. While this juice evaporates the item is cooked. This technique includes baking, steaming, grilling and roasting.

The other method is moist heat cookery method which uses liquid as a medium to cook food. Unlike dry heat cookery method it requires oil or water. This liquid can be heated after putting the item in it or heating the liquid before putting the item. It includes boiling, stewing, shallow frying, deep frying, barbecuing and basting.

Food preparation methods also include various healthy food preparation techniques like stir frying, roasting, grilling and boiling, baking poaching, sauntering steaming etc. These healthy techniques not only help you get tasty food but also help you maintain the nutritional content of the food prepared by you.

These food preparation methods help you to prepare food through various techniques so that the food prepared is up to the expectations. The expectations may be of taste, texture and many other features of the required dish. Food to all human beings is like fuel to a vehicle. If the fuel is of low quality and not proper then it affects the performance of the vehicle. So is the case with human body. Hence we must take care of these techniques to get desired results.


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