ALT Diesel: All your assembly needs at one place

Cylinder head, camshaft and lifter or rocker, we at ALT Diesel are providing assembly in all for over 100 years now. Our business is the best there is in the market and there is no job too big for us. Our supply of camshafts and lifters are in a variety of market such as on and off highways, power generation, natural gas and marine. Our team of skilled professionals makes sure our customers get the best value for service and fulfill the work as per their need.

These skilled professionals have very deep knowledge in the work of cylinder head, camshaft and followers courtesy of years of experience. Our huge inventory of OEM manufactured camshafts boasts of from the biggest names in the manufacturing business like EMD, Detroit Diesel, Isuzu, Mercedes and Mack. The dedication of our team is unparalleled to any other company and we get the work done in no time. ‘Time is Money’ is a term we totally follow by heart as professional workers strive hard to get your work done perfectly. Your time and money are our number one priority every time we do your work. We promise to get your work done in the given time. Within the same day or within 24 hours your shipments will reach you. We offer cylinder heads like Detroit Diesel 3-53 cylinder head and Detroit Diesel 4-53 cylinder head. Our Detroit Diesel rebuilt Kit is the best overhaul kit in the market. We offer free shipping of overhaul kits like Detroit Diesel rebuilt kit that we stock. The quality and pricing of our equipments are unbeatable in the market as we give our entire time in your work. Our customers will get the best Original equipment manufactured quality products there are in the market.

The inventory at ALT diesel is filled with the most genuine OEM parts. There is no competition for us in terms of value and quality that we provide. We also have a very friendly and responsive staff that will provide you all the necessary information there is to know about the process.


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