How to do Tai chi and Qi gong

It has been rightly said by Jim Rohn that “take care of your body it is the only place you have to live in.” You all know that a healthy body survives every problem with more abilities and considering our body as a temple is not wrong in that sense. For more than 4000 years Tai chi and Qi gong exercise has been benefiting people around the world.

Tai chi exercise is one of the low intensity exercises popularly known as meditation in motion. People of low or more strength perform this exercise as it reduces stress, depression and improves coordination, lowers blood pressure and helps to have a sound sleep.

Qi gong exercise provides psychological clarity, helps in personal development, clears energy blocks and is practised by people of all age, country, and religion. It also provides a sound mind and body.

There are many YouTube Tai chi exercise videos which can help you understand and have a clear picture of doing Tai chi. it is internal or soft martial art. This guide will help you to perform Tai chi properly.

One must start with warning up that is simple breathing exercise: Keeping our feet about a half meter apart, placing hand on the waist and breathing in and out.

Then you need to concentrate on each part of your body: You need to balance your mind and think about each body part to feel relaxed.

Another concept is rooting: It is just feeling as if you are rooted into the ground.

Then you perform different forms and styles. You master these styles and forms slowly.

Qi gong practice can be very beneficial for mental health. Mind has the tendency to control our body. So if our mind performs properly our body automatically permforms properly.

Qi gong can be done lying down, standing or moving. The difference between none moving and moving forms of Qi gong are additional oxygen intake and the exercise of additional part of the body. Qi gong includes warming your eyes with palms, rolling your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise, focusing on a certain object and massaging your temples and other organs providing soothing effect to you.

Hence for a healthy mind and body start doing these miraculous exercises.


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