Why Rotterdam is number one city of Architecture

You must have heard the quote by Robert Swan, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it “.Sustainable architecture or ecological design (also referred to as green design or sustainable design)is a philosophy in which buildings are designed in a way to agree with the principles of social , economic and ecological sustainability.

Sustainable architecture is very important because it enhances and ecosystems. It favors less consumption of water and power. It involves minimal usage and also aids in sustaining natural resources. It also helps in reducing operating costs. As there are many impacts of construction activities and some of them are:

• Raw material consumption

• Interference in eco -system

• Removal of vegetation cover

• Water consumption

• Waste production

• Noise and vibration generation

• Generation of dust

• Noise and vibration generation

• Electricity consumption

• Fuel consumption

It involves many stages which includes sketch Design, Detailed Design, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration etc. In sketch Design there is inspection of the site so that architectures can assess the conditions and constraints and also to make brief the plans for the long term objectives of the site. In detailed design , further design details are need to be considered which includes the resolution of the construction systems, materials and finishes according to the budget of the project and site constraints . In stage of contract documentation, drawings including plans, elevation and sections, together with other details and schedules to enable the project to be approved by the authorities, tendered and constructed are prepared. In contract administration the process of tender’s organization is involved in order to obtain number of prices which are competitive from reputable builders before you would like to engage for the construction of the works.

You must have heard about reputation of architecture in Rotterdam and the giant port of Rotterdam which is a world capital when it comes to architecture. Some of the finest constructions of this involves cube – houses giving an impression of architectural ‘trees’ clustering together to make a forest. This city also involves Erasmus Bridge, Van Nellerfabrick, and Kunsthal Rotterdam etc.

So, architecture in Rotterdam is world famous for its modern architecture and is constantly working on new architectural projects in and around the city to remain the number one city of modern architecture.


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