What do Interior architects really do?

Interior architecture design is the art and science of making design and erecting building interiors as a licensed architect and related physical features. Interior architecture design is the design which is of a space that has been created by structural boundaries and the human interaction within these boundaries. These designs can be later redesign for a changed purpose, or a significantly revised design for adaptive reuse of the shell of the building.

Interior architects have following duties:

1. They work on project for client who is willing to amend an existing space (commonly called renovation) or a design which is entirely new construction.

2. They draft plans to create or refinish spaces in private homes or commercial buildings with their clients’ choice.

3. They need to be aware of federal, state and local building regulations so their designs are up – to code

4. They draft design plans after the initial consultation.

5. They provide an accurate schedule detailing when certain stages of the project will be completed.

6. They research on project and provide sketched examples to discuss with client.

7. They also use computer drafting programs like computer – aided design and drafting (CADD) and building information modeling.

8. They use industry software for creating working designs, models and plans for space

As we all know that negatives parallel to the developments in science and technology in the world affects the environment. By this negatives in the recent years, people have become more concerned about the environment and its impact of urbanization on it. Sustainable architecture is a philosophy in which buildings are designed in a way to agree with the principles of social, economic and ecological Sustainability.

Sustainable architects blend architectural design with environmental awareness. They make use of building material which are less harmful to the environment and design the structures that require less natural resources, such as electricity, water and petroleum products. They work in both public and private sectors and their work ranges from the design of private office buildings to the development of ‘ green’ residential neighborhood.

So we can say that Sustainable architects have a social responsibility as they always use only construction materials that will not contribute to landfills, as well as making certain all the building’s systems and equipment having high energy ratings.


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