Best street food in Phuket

Having tasty dishes in meal is everyone’s dream. But now, as people are becoming more and more health conscious, they pay much attention to the quality of food as well as the hygiene in method in which food is prepared. But, when it comes to the taste, no restaurant can beat the taste of street food. And if you are fond of it, street food in Phuket is the best option for you. In this street food, you can have many varieties like pad Thai, som tam, fried chicken, barbecued pork and sausages, seafood, noodles, soups, Thai desserts. It is one if the best places to eat for Thai cuisine. Here, you can find food stalls, hawker centre like food courts and family owned eateries and some simple restaurants also.

In street food in Phuket, you will find marvelous southern Thai food, Malay food, Chinese food, and also, if you are Indian, you can find Indian food also. In the island, you can find abundance of vegetables and seafood and it is also one of the best vegetarian friendly destinations and you have so many options with you, if you go there.

And if you want to have your meal in Washington, here are some best places to eat in Washington. One of the best restaurants in Washington is Amber restaurant. If you are fond of luxurious lifestyle, it is best restaurant for you as here; you will get rich food, interior design, fine furniture and so many choice of food that will make you feel royal. The unique experience of this restaurant will leave you breathless surely.

The next one is The Capital Grille that can be considered as the best place to eat in Washington. In this restaurant, you ca have wide choice of food. Like in soup or salad, you can have field greens, tomatoes, fresh herbs, Caesar sa;ald or a cup of clam chowder. In accompaniments, you can have sam’s mashed potatoes and fresh creamed spinach and when it comes to desserts, the choice is of classic crème brulee, flourless chocolate espresso cake and chef’s seasonal fruit salad.

So, if you are craving to taste something unique and of good quality, you can easily visit these places and can enjoy the best food.


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