Things 3D printers can do

3D printers was invented first by Charles Hull and offered that 3D printer for salein 1986 through his company 3D systems. 3D printers are entirely different from common printers as the object on 3D printer is printed by three dimensions. The model of 3D printer is made in layers which is called 3D printing or prototyping.

Some of the types of 3D printers are:

• Stereolithography (SLA )

• Digital Light Processing ( DLP )

• Fused Deposition Modeling ( FDM )

• Selective Laser Sintering ( SLS )

• Selective Laser Melting (SLM )

• Electronic Beam Melting ( EBM )

• Laminated Object Manufacturing ( LOM )

Uses of 3D Printers

3d printing has been used in many spheres because they are time saving. They are used in business and enterprises and in even used by artists for their creations as it need comparatively less time. They are also used in medicine, architecture and entertainment industry.

Now a days, by 3D printing we can also print organ from a patient’s own cells and they may no longer have to wait for donors in future. It is also used in The Automotive Industry. Engineers use 3D printing to save time required for Prototyping the parts for the vehicle. They are also used in The Aerospace Industries. 3D printers are a great educational tool for the classroom, workshop or library and for the individual starting addictive manufacturing. These printers are a source of great savings during assembly because it can print already assembled products and also provide companies with new ideas and numerous design interactions which consume less time and expense.

It is now a misconception that 3D printers is only affordable to people who are financially well. We can now also learn 3D printing with having less budget by using cheap3D printer kits. We can also buy cheap 3D printer online as there are many online stores that give various kinds of 3D printers for sale at an affordable price which satisfy the expectation for customers.

So, we can say that 3D printers are very useful and are used in many spheres. They are used in creating parts of car, smartphone cases, fashion accessories, medical equipment and even artificial organs.


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