Android OCR

This is a question I used to land myself in, everytime I used to think that ‘Could there be a plaform that could all the information about individuals and their identities across the globe?’. Soon found out that that is an answer to this. The answer is OCR Labs. The Optical Character Recognition platform where they deliver precise recognition with fine tuned accuracy and almost instant processing speed.

Smart phones with android operating system have made it possible to access the identities of individuals with technology.The steps I happened to follow this process are as follows:

Step 1: Selecting the country

Step 2: Selecting the identity which needs to be acessed

Step 3: Getting the picture of the identity card of both front and back

Step 4: Verification of the identity at real time

Step 5: Using it in accordance to the needs.

I found that OCR labs essentially assures a whole lot of security by managing a secure transport with strong cipher suites and stored encrypted using AES256, 2048 bit encryption with 24/7 monitoring. This level of security is undoubtebly very important for the data that is transferred. The data majorly involves social security numbers, account numbers, etc.

So, next time I find myself in a situation where I have to scan and send identity or any other requisite of this context, I will use OCR Labs in my android smart phone to meet the purpose. This has come up for all the industries which revolve around this circumference.

Therefore, OCR Labs are the future of next generation recognition. In the coming times, it shall enhance all the sectors in the economies of all the countries. A technology, much awaited, has finally seeked recognition forthe recognition of the world!!


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