Making Puppets

Puppets are animated character of any mythical figure, they can resemble to human or animals. They are typically used in storytelling. Many shows in theatres are related to puppetry in which different type of stories are told. As different type of puppets can be made, so it’s fun and entertainment to learning how to make puppets. Online many tutorials are available ‘How to make Puppet’. One can learn techniques of making any kind of puppet by online tutorial, CDs or DVDs, since many books are also available in market.

Making Puppets is a hobby in art and craft, while it can be a good earning source also by selling puppets made at home. Point is sale of Puppets can be internet online posting, local gifts sellers, exhibitions counters and other. Classes can also be provided for making puppets as Puppeteer. Paul Louis is very popular for making living by being a Puppeteer.

Method of Making a Sock Puppet: Material required: Sock, buttons, wool, coloured cloth, glue stick, needle, and scissors. Get a long sock or stocking, Wear that sock in your arm and by stretching it with your thumb and index figure make mouth of puppet, Now stick eyes at the top of sock just above the place of mouth, eyes should be large and creative, big buttons can be used. Now take some woollen strips. cut them to same length and wove them from inside at the top of sock, this will make hairs and here is final step, with a bright colour of piece of cloth, by cutting it in shape of mouth, attach it with glue stick on mouth position. Hurry your Puppet is ready.

Many type of Puppets are available like Black light puppet, Bunraku puppet, Cantastoria, Carnival or body puppet, Finger puppet, Sock puppet, Hand puppet or glove puppet, Human-arm puppet, Light curtain puppet, Marionette, Marotte, Pull string puppet, Push puppet, Toy theatre, Rod puppet, Shadow puppet, Supermarionation, Ticklebug, Table top puppet, Ventriloquism dummy, Water puppet, Object puppet and Motekar puppet.

Companies that deals in Puppets are Shindow International Trading Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Levin Toys & Gifts Co., Limited, Levin Industry Co. Limited, Ultra Merchandise and Retails Ltd., BiKiDi Inflatable Games& Balloons Factory, Shanghai Mingrui Folk-handicraft Trading Co.,Ltd., Welotoys Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Tenglong Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., Yiwu Dolphine E Business Firm. Around the world, these are some companies deal in stuff toys.


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