Quality Eyelash Extensions

Being one of the happiest clients of Kiki Lashes, I feel proud to share my experience with Kiki Lashes to everyone. Most of you might be aware what Kiki Lashes is all about. But, for those who don’t, Kiki Lashes is a beauty center known for providing quality eyelash extensions. They provide specially crafted lightweight artificial eyelash extensions with a wide range of options. One can chose from options such as Volume, Solid Color or Two Tone. I opted for the Two Tone, it’s nice. Kiki lashes is among the best review eyelash extensions Sydney.

Now for my experience, firstly I was really impressed by their hospitality. They were quick to respond and understood my requirement within a few minutes. Then for my lashes treatment, I was taken to one of their treatment section. It was well equipped for a total comfort and relaxation. I was asked to lay and relax on a comfy massage table with my eyes closed. Then one of their stylists came and applied eyelash extensions. The treatment process was superbly soothing and revitalizing. I didn’t even realize and I fell asleep while she was busy applying extension. And when I woke up, I was astonished to see my lashes. They were now long, thicker and more voluminous which made me feel top of the world. I really appreciate the team of Kiki lashes not only for their quality eyelash extensions but also for their hospitality. I have tried a lot of different style on my lashes and every time I enjoy the same comfort and level of satisfaction with their work.

I love the way they work. Their highly trained stylist first attaches one of the light-weight eyelash extensions to one of your lashes using some pharmaceutical grade adhesive (don’t worry it is safe). Then the stylist develops the style you choose with the required length and width. The first full set of lashes requires about one to two hours. I would suggest you to go for a refill in every two to four weeks to keep your quality eyelashes extensions maintained well. The refill gets completed in about thirty to sixty minutes.

This time I am thinking of some colored Volume lashes as it gives a more dramatic look without having to go for a thicker lash. There are many colors available such as Red, Blue, Green or Purple. So, in my views Kiki Lashes is the best review eyelash extensions Sydney.


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