High security key system

As challenges have grown, similarly solutions have also advanced. David Carr aim is to constantly stay ahead and keep up the pace with the latest and advanced technology to meet growing needs of today. This is the reason that David Carr have graduated from being a simple lever and tumbler locks 40 years ago to modern, intelligent and sophisticated technologies.

With a pioneering spirit David Carr Locksmiths & Alarms is at the helm of almost every breakthrough in the nation. In most of the ways, one can say that the company is one of the best security solutions in Australia.

David Carr Locksmiths have turned from being simply a seller of security products to a company providing comprehensive security solutions. It offers a wide range of security product solutions and services which include High security key system, Restricted security key system, Deadlocks, Window lock, Security Alarms, Surveillance camera systems like Infrared sensitive cameras, keyless access, Back to base monitoring, Access control, Intercoms and much more. Their products come from many major brands like KABA high security key system, Ness M1, Samsung, Aiphone, Carbine, Keysafe and many more.

David Carr Locksmiths evaluate the security concern of a site and help its customer accordingly. What is really commendable about David Carr Locksmiths is their prompt and professional service. Also, you don’t need to worry about leaving your home or office when going out of town for a business or family tour as you can have a twenty four seven surveillance of your property using your laptop or phone. They also offer a wide range of infrared sensitive cameras that have built-in IR LEDs which help you to see in almost complete darkness. These cameras provide detailed, clear, and excellent video clarity at nighttime for round-the-clock surveillance. So, if you need to monitor your home, office, warehouse, etc. at night, then you should go for an infrared camera.

With and experience of more than forty years and having a reputation of being among the most trusted names in the security and surveillance industry, why anyone would not want to go with David Carr Locksmith and Alarms.


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