Ottawa fashion blogger

I came to know about Nataliastyle when I was surfing over the internet for some fashion style related stuffs. As I myself belong to the fashion industry, I was actually quite impressed by this Toronto Fashion Blogger. First thing which I noticed about her blog was the way she has organized it. One can easily browse through the content available there. If you want to know about fashion news, events, reviews you can access the information easily with a click.

If you are looking for some beauty or style related stuffs, it is available in a go. Not only the information is organized but also the content each category has. The moment I read “About Me” I knew I am going to like the information; this Ottawa fashion blogger really impressed me. She describes and reviews everything so lovely that you can’t resist your self from reading the entire content. At you can find a lot about fashion in fewer words. You can get the information about latest and upcoming fashion and style.

Any good beauty item or brand launched and you can visit here to know about it. And one of the highlights which make this Toronto fashion blogger stand out of crowd is her support for local brand and designer. Together with local designer she tries to bring outfits which are unique and up to the standard of the current fashion. One thing which is pleasing about this Ottawa fashion blogger is that she have not confined her interest in fashion world only. She loves travelling (which I also do) and loves sharing their culture, architecture and cuisine with the world. She also loves ballet dance (which I don’t like) and takes pride in her beautiful city Toronto.

Being a fashion lover myself I really feel proud and happy that I belong to an industry with talented people like Natalie Ast. I can say that she is quite active and have a great future in the world of fashion and style. I wish all my best wishes to her and just keep up the hard work. You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram participating actively.


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