Natural Dentistry: Holistic approach on your dental health

Holistic dentists are the dentists who not only work on your teeth and gums but they also involved in the benefits of your face, head and your whole body. Yet in spite of their wholistic approach they never mention themselves as holistic. They are several dentists who are against mercury fillings and they characterize themselves as holistic dentists. The truth is that different dentists all around the world have different view on the Holistic nature of dentistry. Here at the center for natural dentistry, we give importance to a natural approach to dentistry.

The first thing that pops up in the minds of people when they think of natural dentistry is mercury fillings. There are several other issues that come in the category of natural dentistry. At natural dentistry we have certain beliefs that we follow to a holistic approach. For instance our biological dentists are strictly against the mercury fillings. Safety for our patients, staff and doctors is our ultimate goal. Any form of mercury fillings are avoided in our center. Root canal therapy is another something we avoid. We are strictly against root canals and we have no contacts of endodontic dentists to prefer you. Our biological dentists we do not use fluorides. There are no fluoride particles in any of our supply systems. There are no fluoride in our fillings and toothpastes. We prefer digital X rays over film X rays as we want to avoid exposure to radiation as far as possible. Dental implants like porcelain or metal crowns are also avoided in our center. Although we prefer ceramic and titanium dental implants to some of our patients. Some people are biocompatible with titanium and zirconia implants. We aren’t against Ozone as ozone is a very important in dental practice. The other thing we aren’t against are while composite filling materials. These materials are of different types and for most people they are fantastic options in improving their dental health. Food and diet are important in improving dental health as is biocompatible testing. So schedule an appointment and reap benefits of Holistic nature of dentistry.


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