Get the Best Leather Dog collar for your Dog

When you bring a puppy or adult dog in your home it is not just a pet but it more like a family member. Bringing dog doesn’t mean that your responsibility is over. You need to take care of your dog fully. There leather dog collar used for dog which is very essential. Dog collar is probably the oldest method from where you started an interaction to your dog. Earlier Dog collar was used to stop dog running and another reason was to prevent the dog neck from predators like bob cats, wolves etc. Nowadays the spike dog collar is in trend.

In the ancient time dg was used in battles. The were dressed with armored dress and spikes collar but the idea of rope dog lead is to control your dog and understand his activity, try to interact with him , trained him for various activity. Today we have wide range of dog collars which are used popularly such as spray (citronella) collar; head halters (leaders), prong collar, slip collar (choke chain) and buckle (flat) collar. Moreover now the concept of E-collar has also com in the market which is not mentioned above-collar is not very easy because it is designed to follow the instruction in a particular method but it can be dangerous for your dog.

If we talk about Buckle (flat) leather dog collar then it is the oldest version of collar which is simply use for restrict your dog from running or any damages to anyone. Probably it is the first dog collar which is used by every beginner dog owner. However this collar doesn’t consider as a training tool for dog. But the draw back of this collar is that your dog gets the bad habit of pulling as opposing you. Choke chain is also used widely by the dog owner. It is considered to be a dog trainer collar.

Prong collar has been used for a long time, prong collar is also considered as the training collar with slip dog collar. Well there is wide variety of rope dog lead in the market and one can easily get it without any difficulty but the most important thing is to choose appropriate dog collar from time to time. Animals are very sensitive so we have to look after them with extra care and if we really want them for work for us we have to give them lots of care and love.


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