Financial Business Plans for Selecting Most Suitable Customer Segments

Relying on the customer market segment or segments you look for to serve with your financial advisory profession, your marketing and operations must be different. Financial and operational reporting is the main thing. Consider about which segments you are best suitable to serve, as well as the problems you may find as you try to provide the needs of more than one of these groups.

Smaller Investors

For the much well-built target market of investors with resources of under $1 million, you have the challenge of working with them sufficient to ensure they think well-attended to, while cautiously setting the anticipation that there are limits to the time you will expend with them. More mass marketing and customer segmentation techniques like marketing, as well as transfer, can work to get these sorts of clients.


High net worth individuals, known as HNWIs, are generally defined as having possessions of over $1 million prepared to invest. If your fees will be got based on the worth of assets under the management, it is definitely in your interest to seek out and work with as several HNWIs as possible if you are skilled to do so. Keep in mind that every individual will want more focus and service than an individual with less cash to work with, but it should work out to a more gainful relationship nonetheless. To allure these individuals, proof of your proficiency and experience coupled with huge accounts will go an extensive way, as will good references from previous clients.

Hourly Rate Customers

If you are looking to serve those who are getting prepared to come in the investment market or start their financial planning, you will find a huge group more comfy with paying an hourly cost for advisory services before investing cash by you. Think difficult about whether this group will show a large amount of your income or if you will think the hourly price offer primarily a means to up sell customers to other services you provide. If the latter is your plan, remember that customers can generally intellect when they are being sold to and that getting advice of value may be the great way to promote them to work along you further.


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