Artificial Roses

Roses are perhaps the first thing that comes into your head when someone mentions flowers, with their world renowned reputation for romance, cheerfulness and joy. In colours from the traditional romantic red given to loved ones on Valentine’s Day to vibrant yellow roses that symbolise friendship, roses are the perfect floral gift for any situation. Roses come in a variety of species, from small roses to luxurious velvet roses, and always look great in both floral arrangements and wedding bouquets.

Nobody can deny the true elegance and beauty of fresh roses, but artificial roses are coming close to being as beautiful as the real thing. Premium grade, fresh touch blooms that last forever and can be dyed to any colour are increasingly a popular choice for brides – due to their longevity and versatility. These premium grade flowers are manufactured to be as realistic as possible both aesthetically and to touch. Even seasoned florists are impressed with their realism and authentic feel.

Medium grade silk roses are perhaps the most common, due to the combination of affordability and realism. Silk materials range from velvet type roses that feel very much like their fresh counterparts, to cheaper fabrics that have a tendency to fray and look a little less realistic. However, silk roses look realistic when arranged with a mixture of fresh touch and foam roses. Like nature intended, a lot of silk roses available aren’t identical, but this just adds to their realistic nature!

Lower grade, but a very popular choice, is foam roses. Made of a high quality foam material that comes in hundreds of colours, foam roses are a great budget option for brides or for Silk floral arrangements.Foam roses come in a variety of sizes and quality though, so you can get some really good imitations of the real thing. They are perfect for DIY projects such as arts and crafts or homemade floral displays.

Artificial Lilies

Lilies – calla lilies, oriental lilies, trumpet lilies, green goddess lilies, Casablanca lilies… The list of lilies available in artificial material is just as vast as the ones available in fresh, with the added bonus of being available all year round. Calla lilies are a popular choice for modern arrangements and are perhaps one of the best examples of how realistic artificial flowers can be. Most readily available are foam versions, but the best replicas are made of a mix of foam and latex polymers that provides both durability and extreme realism. To touch, it is very hard to tell the difference. Fresh touch materials can also easily be dyed, meaning that these gorgeous artificial flowers can be coloured into unnatural colours that would never be available in fresh.


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