How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling is also called acoustic ceiling which is used in 1950 to 1980 in almost every construction. It is the best method to end the sheetrock ceiling. It is very easy to remove popcorn ceiling. There are three major methods to remove popcorn ceiling.

Identify the asbestos

When you decide about removing popcorn ceilings, the first thing is to check the asbestos. The construction which took place before 80s mostly used the building material that contain asbestos in paint, patching elements etc , Bt after 80s it has been detected that the material which has asbestos is not good for health. It was the biggest reason of lung disease and cancer hence the use of asbestos got banned. To identify if your ceiling contains asbestos or not just scratch a small sample and take it to authenticate asbestos laboratory. If the test found positive than contact a reliable company that is capable to remove asbestos, don’t try to so yourself ever as you are not professional.

Scratching the pop corn ceiling

It is very important to scratch with popcorn ceiling removal tool and bottle spray. Furthermore a wide scraper and right amount of plastic is the cost effective way of clearing the ceiling. You need to move all your valuable furniture from the room. You should fill you bottle spray with little bit soap water and clean up the required place. But always keep this thing in mind that don’t over use spray lest it will destroy the natural softness and cause damage.

Drywall over the popcorn ceiling

If you don’t want to mess up with scraping and spray on work for removing popcorn ceilings then don’t worry you have other option of using light weight drywall or extra long. Fill your low spot. You should use a sanding pad on corner of long pole. Extra screw is also a great option of popcorn ceiling removal tool, better to utilize all the things properly.


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