5 Best Free Android OCR to detect word file and covert to content

Nowadays OCR (Optical Character recognition) application is trending in the markets and it is very compatible for the current situation as this is the time of digital world. The consistent performance and reliability of OCR has made it most installed application to fix the crashes and other required problem in smart phones. An android mobile application doesn’t require any promotion because it has already set up the ground breaking sanction and dependability. There are various Android OCR apps which are used to identify the picture and other document file and convert it into the successful readable content to the user. Let’s take a look on those OCR applications:

Textract: – Textract app is a noteworthy IoS OCR which facilitates user to stretch text from the images and you can modify them share it through the social media, email or SMS. For that you need take a picture of your important content file by using a smart phone camera and then OCR app examine the image and convert it into the readable content.

OCR Instantly Free Application: – By the help of Android OCR Instantly Free Application you are able to change your smart phone into transferable content reader. This embedded text can be simply copied in clipboard or shared by other important mobile apps directly. It contains the offline OCR technology and image enlargement engine that is really user friendly.

Google Drive: – Google drive has a leading presence and usability in play store. And it has also grabbed its place in OCR technology because Google Drive has OCR applications that work effectively. This app is also competent enough to detect the file and change it into the viewable content. It has been used widely by the people because it is very poplar and as well as easy to use.

ScanToText (OCR):- It is also a demanding IoS OCR

Mobile OCR: – Mobile OCR application is another best OCR app which is also work as a scanner on your smart phone. It scanned your files through photo album and changes it into the readable content. This Android OCR application has become talk of the town as it is user friendly and trustworthy. It is used in more than 25 international languages. The recent version of this cpplication detects the successful error rectification due to rotation of camera.


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