Removing Popcorn Ceilings

No question about those popcorn ceilings were the most stylist things at a time. But, as all things become older the same thing is applicable for this as well. So take the call and do think for the removal. It can be possible you are thinking how you manage the situation. Don’t be worried so much, just read the below article and get the idea about the removing popcorn ceilings.

Prepare the room

You need to seal the room perfectly with the plastic sheets because it saves the room from any dirt. You should put a window fan for the right ventilation. If you have installed the same before 1979, then do the proper testing that can be removed by you or not or you have to hire the experts. So, get the idea first and then think to purchase tools like popcorn ceiling removal bucket and more.

Spray the ceiling

Use the basic spray for wetting the ceiling. It will rightly soften the ceiling texture and it helps to break down the adhesive bond making scraping easier. One thing more, start the working in an area about 5 feet square. So, give the water as much as you can and that will allow you for removing popcorn ceilings.

Scraping the same

Now, you need to scrap the same. Just get a ceiling texture scraper and start your work. You can also use smaller putty knife to scrape the corners. So with those you have done the work perfectly.


So you have done the all the work and to do the same popcorn ceiling removal bucket and scraper help you lot. But, to give the perfect look you need to paint the ceilings as well. So, choose the color and make that just perfect that is attractive and also go with your room decor.

Regardless, all those steps help you to do the work by your own. But, if you find that tougher, then you can find the expert as well who does the work for you and deliver the outstanding quality that you are opting for.


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