Tips for Croatia Yacht Charter Holidays

Yacht charter Croatia is gradually growing into a massive business. The more the business grows, the more its demand. Therefore, as seen currently, the number of yacht charter services is Croatia is rising at a tremendous rate. Tip number one in this case is to pick a quality Yacht charter services; one that will ensure more than just your safety but also a fun experience of the Croatian coast. One such company is the Navis Yacht Charter of This particular yacht charter company operates within Croatia and its environs. Simply make sure you choose one that will offer you nothing less than quality.

Another tip worth noting is that your car is best of left at home. Normally, using your car in such a case would mean driving to and fro the marina daily. It will also mean moving around with your car looking for parking spaces while going about your vacation shopping. Not only will this be hectic but also quite costly. Think of the parking fees for the whole 1 to 2 weeks you plan on being in Croatia. This is a cost that you can easily avoid by simply making sure that you leave your car at home. There are plenty of taxis in Croatia ready to move you around the Marina.

On the other hand, be very cautious when it comes to the check-in process. For any luxury yacht charter, the check-in process at the marina is by far the most important. It involves a whole lot of paper work among being the security deposits. This is what will cater for any damage you might cause to the yacht will ashore. It will also cater for any damage done on your belongings or vehicle while you were ashore. Lastly, you do not expect to feed on nothing just in case of any eventuality. Seas can be pretty unpredictable and having an empty fridge is the last thing you want in case of any eventuality. Make sure to get some food parked before getting on board.


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